Modern asymmetrical concrete house with roof pool and great view

Shaw Vancouver concrete house with roof pool balcony garden

This small and cozy Concrete house with an asymmetrical floor plan has been enhancing the urban landscape of Vancouver, Canada since 2000. It was designed by Patkau Architects as a comfortable house for one person. The Shaw House has a luxurious, glass-bottomed sports rooftop pool, a music room, a cozy bedroom and offers a magnificent view of the north side of English Bay.

Concrete house in Vancouver with a cozy living atmosphere

House with asymmetrical construction-Patkau Architects Canada

This is otherwise narrow on a compact footprint Concrete house open, spacious living. A particularly pleasant extra is the rooftop swimming pool, which is located directly above the house entrance. Its glass floor lets sunlight flow – you can enjoy wonderful water-light games. The living room on the first floor includes a kitchen, a dining room and enough seating.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create an airy feeling of space in the concrete house

Bright living room. Floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of Vancouver lake

The modern one Concrete house opens to the balcony and terrace over the entire width of the house with large sliding doors. High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and wall cladding with white cement ensure a lot of brightness in the living area. Everywhere in the house is spacious and bright. The classic white-brown color scheme is friendly and inviting. The comfortable furniture is a special highlight in the room concept. A concrete staircase leads to the upper floor from the living area. Floor-to-ceiling glazing creates a connection to the outside area.

Asymmetrical building with robust construction

Shaw House lap pool glass bottom pool

Like most cities on the western coast of Canada, this lies Concrete house even in an area with a high seismic hazard. Therefore, a solid and solid construction was required to withstand the earth’s fluctuations. The Shaw House of Patkau Architects was built from high-quality reinforced concrete and later furnished in a minimalist style. The interior is thermally and air-insulated with plasterboard construction panels.

Photos by: Paul Warchol, Undine Prohl

Sports pool with a glass floor

House Canada Balcony Swimming Pool Glass Floor Light-Filled Room

Spacious terrace with a view of the bay

House on the coast view-watching sunset

Lap pool with a cool view

Night view of Vancouver Concrete House

Geometric shapes in interior design

Shaw House stairwell concrete steps wood paneling

Observe the light effects under the pool with a glass floor

Modern residential home Canada Shaw Pool glass floor

Concrete and wood in interior design

Modern house Canada reinforced concrete interior

Simple kitchen with white cement wall cladding

Kitchen plain decor-Shaw concrete house

Comfortable living space in a concrete house

Concrete house living space airy-simple furniture dining area

Residential house with a high ceiling

High ceiling concrete house Patkau-Architects

Glass railings and modern furniture in the dining area

Glass railing interior design minimalist style

Shaw House – side view

Shaw House Floor Plan Profile Drawing

Profile drawing – concrete house 

Show house floor plans

View from above

House top view Patkau

Concrete house with flat roof by K2 – minimalist architecture in Japan