Modern architect studio from Saunders Architects

minimalist architecture from Canada

The Long Studio is a small office owned by the Saunders Architecture was designed in 2011. Located in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Canadian island of Fogo, this modern Architects studio was designed to withstand the toughest climates. The building covers 120 square meters and was conceived as a minimalist design based on natural materials and contrasting colors.

A modern minimalist architect’s studio

minimalist studio facade

The modern one Architects studio consists of a component with an interesting shape that resembles a prism. The component is divided into three and offers differently designed rooms. The area to the west is a cabinet with a small kitchen and the area to the east is an open terrace with a canopy. The two are connected by a completely open area with a triangular shape. The three areas offer protection for every season. The semi-open area is for the mild but not too hot spring, the outdoor terrace is well suited for the sunny summer and the room for the cold winter. The transition from room to room represents the change of season and represents an interesting architectural solution.

Modern architect studio in Canada

minimalist interior - office in Canada

Because of the difficult terrain, the house should be built on beams. Their shape adapts to the shape of the landscape. The whole building is clad in wood that has been painted black. The building base is made of poured concrete, which strengthens the entire construction. From the outside it looks modern Architects studio  like a part of the landscape, inside a well-lit white room with large windows reveals itself.

By K.H. Christova

minimalist architecture - white terrace

modern minimalist architecture studio in Canada

modern design - office

modern interior – white fitted kitchen

white interior design - fitted kitchen

exciting design from Canada

modern design from Canada

modern architecture minimalist house in Canada

modern architecture from Canada

minimalist architecture with modern lighting

minimalist architecture - night