minimalist tea house in the garden for sociable hours with friends

Tea house garden A1 Architects project

That Tea house in the garden is a cozy, harmonious retreat where you receive your guests. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony inspired the designer David Maštálka for his unique project, which with the help of A1 Architects Studio was completed for only 35 days in 2008.

Tea house in the garden – tradition and innovation go hand in hand

Wooden cottage garden spring image

This little one Tea house in the garden is located in Prague, Czech Republic, at the foot of the hill that divides Hloubetin and Aloisov. The area of ​​this small minimalist house is 23 square meters. Like the traditional Japanese teahouses, which are made of many different building materials such as wood, bamboo, sand or clay plaster, this one was also only made of natural materials – wood, steel and clay plaster.

Sneaky furnishings in the tea house in the garden

Floor teardrop tea house stove tea ceremony

The small garden in which the tea house is hidden is inconspicuous but cozy, planted with apple and cherry trees that bloom every spring. The designer says he wanted to build a cozy building where he could hang out with friends. The minimalist Tea house in the garden surprises its guests with a beautiful view of the garden, simple furnishings. In fact, there is nothing more to be seen in there than the so-called “fireplace” – the heart of the house. People sit on mats on the floor. Nevertheless, the interior looks homely. The attention of the guests is not distracted by any details and they can really enjoy being together and having a cup of tea.

Tea houses made from natural materials

Wooden structure tea house ideas construction round window

The minimalist Tea house in the garden hides a whole world where time has stood still! – says the designer of A1 Architects. He was inspired by many buildings and opted for a round platform, structure made of oak with a translucent dome. The spherical shape accentuates the stove, which symbolizes the fireplace and where the tea is prepared. The so-called heart of the building was made of welded black steel and the dome – glued on with paper.

View of the tea house at night

Teahouse lighting Prague architecture

The tea house in winter

Wooden building garden winter landscape

Winter landscape in Prague

Oval wooden tea house winter Prague

Elegant interior

View interior tea house window view

Little architectural wonder

Tea house interior translucent dome tea house

Simple interior design

Interior tea house around modern interior design round dome

Timber construction with an open facade

Round tea house design A1

Tea house project from A1

Tea house tea ceremony design project

View from above

Modern tea house project A1 Czech Republic

Teahouse Floor Plan

Small tea house garden sequence

Side view in section

Tea house modern interior design A1

Building sketch

Tea house architecture perspective

Tea house in the garden Prague project A1