minimalist house design in white with monolithic construction

entrance tunnel minimalist house in white

This interesting project from the architecture studio Takuro Yamamoto Architects is the perfect example of a minimalist house design. The house is located in Kanazawa, Japan and was exclusively built in white with a monolithic structure. The project was called the White Cave House and is a true embodiment of minimalism and simplicity.

minimalist house design in white impresses with elegance and simplicity

monolithic construction minimalist house design in white

The Cave House in Kanazawa serves as the perfect role model for minimalist house design. The outside and inside areas were built exclusively in white with simple, angular shapes and straight lines. The house was designed to protect the residents’ private space as much as possible. A view of the inside of the house was only allowed from the inner courtyard, where there is also a huge glass wall. The inner courtyard was also designed entirely in white.

Monolithic construction in white

inner courtyard glossy floor minimalist house in white

Inner courtyard with a view of the interior of the house

Rectangular flower pot minimalist house in white

minimalist house design with a simple interior

glass wall outlook minimalist house in white

Takuro Yamamoto’s Cave House was not only designed in a minimalist manner from the outside. A minimalist house design The interior of the property was kept strictly white and simple. The main room of the house consists of a kitchen with dining area and living room with minimalist wooden furniture. The bedroom has also been extremely simply furnished, completely in white with a wooden bed.

Spacious combination of kitchen, dining and living room

kitchen dining area minimalist house design in white

Bedroom with minimalist furniture

bedroom wooden bed minimalist house design in white