minimalist house architecture – the house of poets

The Moliner house is a white, shiny, dreamlike example of modern minimalist house architecture. Influential architect Alberto Campo Baeza was commissioned with the project to design the perfect house for a poet. He took over the work full of enthusiasm and this is how the Moliner House came into being. Campo Baeza describes his goal as:

‘To design a house for a poet. A house to dream, to live and to die with. A house where you can write and read ‘

Modern minimalist house architecture

modern minimalist house in Spain

The idea for this minimalist house architecture comes from the architect’s wish that the individual structures be designed according to different activities, states of mind and even stages in life. In this poetic interpretation of the minimalist house architecture, there is a spacious library on the upper floor, where the poet “can float on the clouds” and has a room for ‘reading and writing, thinking and feeling. The concept has been completely thought out – the comfortable room faces north and thus offers a relaxed working atmosphere.

minimalist house architecture

interesting house design asu Spain

interesting design - minimalist house in Spain

The main building in the form of a simple box of white concrete takes into account the best examples of minimalist house architecture. Similar to an atrium, this innovative structure remains dramatically open to the sky ‘like a metaphysical garden, with concrete walls and a concrete floor‘. A high wall shields the garden. In the future, foliage plants and trees will grow there, filling the room with life and where you can enjoy the warm Spanish sun in peace. The interior design of the living area ‘floats’ in the center of the garden like ‘a box that allows northern light‘.

The main building in the form of a simple box

a minimalist house in Spain - facade

The transparent glass walls create the illusion of a living area where there are no fixed boundaries between interior and exterior design. the minimalist house architecture thus ensures that the resident’s artistic soul can enjoy the garden all year round, whether indoors or outdoors. The photos don’t show it, but you only need a little imagination to imagine the house with a planted garden.

The Moliner house

the Moliner house in Spain - front

But back to our metaphysical tour of this one minimalist house architecture.  Alberto Campo Baeza created the first floor as a ‘hell’, a safe and familiar space, hidden from the world, ‘to sleep, maybe to die’. The luxurious bedrooms are located there. The Moliner House is a building designed with visionary power, a breathtaking example of that minimalist house architecture and their basic principles.

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modern minimalist interior from Spain