minimalist architecture – the modern studio on the rocks

Saunders Architecture’s Squish Studio


The Norwegian architecture firm Saunders Architecture created a small studio with a big impact for Shorefast Foundation and Fogo Island Arts Corporation. That modern studio stands on a rocky coastal landscape on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. It is a wild and pristine environment that has a lot to offer its residents. Fresh sea air, crashing waves and full-time calm are proving to be the perfect environment to build a working studio.

minimalist studio with white interior


The modern studio, that Saunder Architecture have created only covers an area of ​​130 m², but he manages to stand out in the landscape and make a great impression. The entire structure is raised slightly above the ground on pillars. It consists of a single structure with a very specific angular shape. The building is painted white and presents a simple building with an expressive silhouette. The roof panel has a sharp slope and connects to the outer wall to form an acute angle that is pointed upwards. This structure, connected to the floor slab, conceals the terrace, which has a triangular floor plan and offers direct access to the outside. Most of the facade dated modern studio is rather enclosed, which has only a few openings for daylight. The only part that is fully glazed is the one that has a direct view of the sea.

minimalist studio on the Canadian rocks

white studio rock canada

The floor plan from the modern studio is clear and simple. There is a single living room that combines the studio, kitchen and separate bathroom. The decor is minimalist and clean, all white from top to bottom which compliments the general concept of the building. At night will the modern studio Illuminated by solar powered lighting that creates a soft magical atmosphere when seen from afar.

By K.H. Christova

Breaking waves – surroundings of the white studio


Squish Studio from Saunders Architecture


Magic lighting from Squish Studio


Magical atmosphere at dusk – Saunders Architecture studio


minimalist architecture on the rocks


Architectural plans by Squish Studio – Saunders Architects





minimalist-architecture-todd-saunders-floor plan