minimalist architecture in the forest

minimalist architecture in the forest

By Hilberink Bosch Architects from the Netherlands

minimalist house architecture - forest house

The composition of this exciting House in minimalist architectural style is based on the idea of ​​a fallen tree and is reminiscent of a building sculpture. On the edge of an expensive and beautiful wooded area, that was Forest house designed as a relationship between two essential geometric shapes. The base looks like an L-shape and represents a straight line representation of the fallen tree, “balanced” at the top.

Hilberink Bosch Architects – Forest house at night

Hilberink Bosch Architects - minimalist architecture

In this case it is the minimalist architectural style is concealing and revealing at the same time. The L-shaped section contains the living quarters during the day. Therefore, the wall facing the street is solid in appearance and impenetrable so that the residents feel very comfortable. In contrast, the areas with a view of the garden and forest remain unobstructed, as large ‘glass walls’ connect the living room and the terrace. This generous window work ensures that the interior design from Forest house is flooded with daylight, with an emphasis on the feeling of space. The neutral and white interior design guarantees that this effect is maximized and that attention is paid to the aesthetic quality of the materials used in minimalist design is steered.

minimalist architecture from the forest house

Hilberink-Bosch - minimalist architecture

The angular house design is clearly in complete contrast to its natural surroundings. However, various remedies are used to keep the extreme minimalist architecture is connected to their environment. The horizontal elements of the construction – columns, supports, even the arrangement of the wood paneling – all create a visual connection with the trees in the forest. Even from floor to ceiling and glass windows, everything reflects the natural world outside. This enables the image of the forest to merge naturally with the architecture, as if in a series of elaborate picture frames.

The Waldhaus – minimalist architectural style from the outside

minimalist architecture - in the courtyard

All private rooms, i.e. H. the bedrooms and bathrooms are cleverly at the back of the construction. This timber structure gradually extends upwards and ends as a roof hanging dramatically over the terrace. This arrangement also creates a powerful visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces Forest house.

The forest house was obviously designed to provide both substantial protection and full enjoyment of the delightful surroundings for residents.

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minimalist design from the forest house

minimalist architectural style - fireplace

minimalist interior design - forest house