Minimalist architecture and indoor greening – house in Vietnam

Minimalist architecture indoor greening-house-concrete-front door-garden

Minimalist architecture is characterized by a simple design language and clear geometry, which is kept clean by additional, decorative elements. However, typical of this style, contemporary buildings are by no means easy. They meet high standards and, above all, offer a very high level of living comfort, which is highly valued by the residents.

Minimalist architecture – ‘Long Cave’ house in Vietnam

Minimalist architecture-indoor greening-house-lighting-evening-front door

The minimalist architecture contains everything it has to offer. Indoor and outdoor areas are reduced to the essentials and follow a clear style line. Most of the time, a feeling of security and security is achieved in the residents, which everyone needs in their home. The ‘Long Cave’ house in a suburb of Vinh Long, Vietnam, was designed with precisely this guiding principle in mind.

Minimalist architecture ‘hidden’ in the suburb of a metropolis

Minimalist architecture-indoor greening-house-front door-lattice-garden

The house is located in a suburb of a large metropolis in Vietnam, where there is unrest and social problems and people withdraw into their homes. The project is not called ‘Long Cave’ for nothing. The house plan corresponds perfectly to the idea for cave – there is only one front door that serves as an entrance and exit. All rooms merge into one another and every window is missing. A narrow ribbon of windows runs across the roof, providing daylight to the rooms.

Minimalist architecture and interior greening create a feeling of security

Minimalist architecture-interior greening-kitchen-black-dining area-skylights

The indoor greening plays the role of garden, which is missing due to security. In a sustainable and particularly customer-oriented way, the architects from 23o5 Studio have done away with the problematic environment without sacrificing the comfort of living.

Minimalist architecture and interior greening – the private oasis inside the house

Minimalist architecture - interior landscaping - dining area, natural wood table - solid pendant lights

Minimalist architecture and interior design – shades of gray

Minimalist architecture-indoor greening-coffee-table-furniture-wood-vintage-plants

Minimalist architecture with accents of natural light


Contrasts in the interior achieved through daylight – skylights


Mini watercourse with water lilies inside

minimalist-architecture-interior-landscaping-living room-skylight-daylight-pond

Indoor greening divides the interior space into areas

minimalist-architecture-indoor greening-skylights-daylight-gray-plants

Skylights let in enough daylight for the plants


Indoor greenery as an inseparable part of minimalist architecture


Modern indoor greening – ground cover, ornamental shrubs and hanging plants


Walk-in bathroom in a minimalist style


Secluded corner in the house – windowsill with an overview of the rest of the apartment

minimalist-architecture-indoor greening-window sill-daylight-indoor garden-guest rooms

Windowsill directed towards the interior greenery

minimalist-architecture-interior-landscaping-windowsill-wall-coat rack.vintage-wood

Light-flooded hallway through the roof window 


Minimalist interior with gray tiled floor


Minimalist architecture – plan and room layout


Project and model building ‘Long Cave’ house


* ‘The Longcave’ a project by 23o5 studio