Minimalism in a modern Russian wooden house near Moscow

russian wooden house flat roof landscape snow landscape

In this russian wooden house tradition and modernity, nature and culture meet. Designed by the architectural office Nikolai Belousov, Mischael and Elena Masteropulo and built in the traditional architectural language in 2013, the symmetrically designed log house is reminiscent of the popular wooden houses in Russia, but with a new-fashioned glass front. The traditional carved decorations have been replaced by a simple, ornament-free facade. The private villa is located in the residential area Istra, in the Moscow region and impresses with its unique living ambience on an area of ​​780 m2.

Relax in a Russian wooden house

Wooden house Log house traditional use glass-metal stone-Moscow

In the traditional russian wooden house dominates solid wood. It is very popular because of its properties. Wood helps maintain the microclimate in a house, it is environmentally friendly, durable and durable. But the Russian log houses have many faces. They are heat-resistant, moisture-proof and beautiful. In the past, the outer wood cladding was used for thermal insulation. Today it is rather an element of design aesthetics. The traditional construction method is strongly influenced by the local conditions.

Modern house built on the basis of the hand-cut log house

Symmetrical house flat roof modern cantilevered roof forest snow landscape

In order to create the connection between inside and outside, the client decided to install a glass wall, which plays an important role in the architecture and design of this house. This construction allows nature to penetrate the interior of the house. That’s exactly what the architect does in his modern day russian wooden house wanted to achieve.

Russian log house hovers between minimalism and landscape painting

Building a log house architecture modern balcony railing exterior cladding

Wanted in the development of the house Nikolai Belousov show that wood is a modern material that allows the construction of modern structures and that a traditional Russian log house can be equipped with a modern interior. The villa provides a living area that combines cooking, eating and living. The spacious room has a closed fireplace, which stands here as a fashionable, purist accessory. There is a furnished basement and a roof that can be walked on. An indoor pool transforms the room into a spa zone. The in russian wooden house typical massive wooden stairs are replaced here by a lighter wooden construction.

A house for relaxation and recreation in nature

Cozy log cabin natural stone-accessible roof terrace near-Moscow

The traditional Russian wooden house has a special charm. The flames are burning in the fireplace, you cuddle up comfortably on the sofa and look at the snowy landscape.

Vernacular architecture is given a new expression

Log house facade insert balcony metal insert natural stone wood railing

Log cabin with a view of a forest

Log cabin interior design glass wall wood modern decor

Wooden house furnishing sradiates security and warmth  

Russian log cabin design indoor glass insert stairwell ceiling lights

Glass, metal and wood

Log house modern staircase construction slightly step-suburb Moscow

Lighter stair construction

Wood glass insert wall staircase light construction stair house

Indoor spa pool 

traditional wooden house-modern indoor swimming pool glazing-recessed ceiling lights

Two-story house with a basement

Basement design ideas for fireplace-yellow wall paint-glass door sash

Textures make the room more lively

minimalistic interior design staircase wooden stair railing

Functional minimalism in the Russian style

Design house in the forest-rustic interior-fireplace stove modern armchair-black

Furniture made in the style of the 50s

Interior design wooden house log cabin-Russia gray-sofa cushions wooden floor

Metal and wood in the kitchen

Kitchen-stove wood ceiling-island design kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen equipment

Open kitchen island front-metal surface-wood rustic

Cozy country house impresses with wood and glass insert

Country house rustic log cabin wall design cedar wood

Photos by: Irina Kaydalina

Country house log cabin Moscow forest landscape

Russian rustic log house near Moscow floor plan