Metal cladding – metal shingles look like ivy

Facade cladding made of metal aluminum-clapboard-facade-ivy leaves

Metal facades are widespread, especially in contemporary architecture, and are suitable for both private homes and commercial buildings. Whether made of sheet metal, aluminum or steel, the Facade cladding of metal is characterized by a long shelf life, enormous resistance to weather conditions and a contemporary look. Thanks to developments in industry, any surface and shape can be produced without any problems. Today we present you a new design that has fascinated us.

The brilliant idea behind the metal facade cladding

Metal cladding aluminum designer

The Square and Partners team sought inspiration in the neighborhood when they were commissioned to design a unique and creative facade for a house in London. Ivy leaves and clapboards were the two things that caught their attention.

Metal facade cladding ready after 3 years

facade cladding-metal-inspiration-wood shingles-design

The concept for the metal facade cladding was developed over a period of 3 years. The designers also worked closely with the Swiss specialist in steel and metal construction Tuchschmid. The ivy leaf elements were made from metal shingles and folded into the desired shape by hand. A total of 4080 aluminum sheets cover this house facade and imitate the different bronze tones and natural growth patterns of the ivy plants.

Stacked aluminum shingles

Façade cladding made of metal ivy-leaf roof terrace

The fastening of the aluminum shingles

Facade cladding made of metal aluminum fastening-brown tones

the ivy-like aluminum shingles frame the window

Facade cladding-metal-aluminum windows

Folded wooden shingles by hand

metal clapboard-fold-shape-imitate-ivy-leaf

Contrast between natural stone and metal


Design and draft by Squire and Partners