Make Christmas decorations yourself – 6 simple craft ideas

Christmas decoration make yourself idea blue red door wreath loop

The Christmas season is approaching and it is slowly but time to decorate the house according to the festival and the season or at least to think about it and to make preparations. You can get all kinds of decorations in the shops. But you can also use the Make Christmas decorations yourself, to create something so unique that you will be proud of later. The great thing about this is that your children can also do handicrafts, so you have the opportunity to spend some time together and have fun. We’d like to show you three simple guides that you can use to create a Make Christmas decorations yourself can and that without many or complex materials. Give it a try!

Make Christmas decorations yourself – a wreath made of strips of fabric

make your own christmas decorations stripes fabric scissors wreath instructions

The pretty do-it-yourself Christmas wreath is really quick to make. You can also use old fabric scraps wonderfully and do not have to throw them away.

You need:

– Styrofoam ring

– Fabric in Christmas colors

– Scissors

Decorate styrofoam wreath with fabric

self-made christmas decoration styrofoam ring fabric knot door wreath idea

Cut the fabric into strips of the same size as possible. After that, start knotting every single strip around the ring until you get back to the beginning. Alternate the colors to create a happier effect. Finally, add a ribbon to hang it on and, if you want, a bow.

Make a star yourself

make christmas decorations yourself 3d star checkered blue red

This attractive star is made of paper and can of course be designed in any color. If you find it as attractive as we do, then you can try making it yourself. Instructions are provided below for how to do this.

DIY Christmas tree made of dots

make christmas decorations yourself christmas tree cones glue paper dots

These attractive fir trees are easy to make and are ideal for decorating the banquet table. You can make this Christmas decoration yourself and ask your children for help with it.

You need:

– Paper cones or sheets of paper

– Paper in various shades of green

– Glue

You can buy the cones ready-made or shape them yourself on paper. After that, just cut the dots out of the green paper. You can also use a punch to do this so that all the points become the same. Finally, glue the dots to the cone according to your favorites and design your personal mini Christmas tree.

Make Christmas decorations yourself – snowflakes out of paper

make christmas decorations yourself stars paper snowflakes 3d

You can have an impactful Make Christmas decorations yourself, by making such snowflakes or poinsettias. You can use any color paper for this.

You need:

– Any color paper

– a scissors

– glue or a stapler

Make Christmas decorations yourself – prepare and fold a square

3D snowflake fold star paper Christmas decoration crafting instructions

snowflake tinker cut paper christmas idea

Cut the triangle at least three times

paper star christmas decoration diy 3d effect

Twist the strips in to get the first part of the star

snowflake star christmas instructions tinker paper

Glue or staple the individual “prongs” together

paper star snowflake white christmas winter decoration idea

The finished snowflake with four incisions

snowflake poinsettia tinker paper decoration idea effective 3d

The star with six incisions

Make Christmas decorations yourself, tinker with snowglobe fir tree

Winter snow globe without water

These snow globes without water that you use as a Make Christmas decorations yourself can. And you don’t even need a lot of things for it.

snow globe christmas diy instruction materials decoration idea

You need:

– any figures (e.g. fir trees, snowmen, deer, Santa Claus or whatever else comes to mind)

– a mason jar

– artificial snow

– Glue

materials make snowglobe yourself decorations christmas

Sample materials for the snow globe

Mason jar snow globe make yourself a Christmas tree decoration

Snow globe diy fir tree figures winter decoration

instructions snow globe diy idea decoration winter christmas

ball snow mason jar christmas diy project

snow globe reindeer deer stag mason jar christmas decoration

make round snow globe mason jar yourself

DIY christmas decorations make sequins christmas balls colorful diy

Christmas balls made of sequins

Use such interesting and self-made balls made of sequins for the decoration at Christmas instead of the conventional Christmas balls.

christmas balls sequins styrofoam instructions pink decoration

Around Make Christmas decorations yourself you need:

– Styrofoam balls

– Sequins in any color

– Pins

-an eyelet to plug in

– a ribbon to hang up

christmas balls diy white needles tinker decoration idea

ball sequins styrofoam tinker red green deco christmas

red christmas balls white sequins decoration idea diy

Christmas balls colorful sequins tinker winter decoration

make christmas decorations yourself balls snowflakes snowglobe