Luxury vacation home embodies the essence of calm and comfort


The Lifestyle Villa, built in 2010, is a sophisticated, secluded luxury holiday home, designed for quiet people with a high standard of living. The villa property extends over a plot of 4,800 square meters in an absolute top location in the moshav “Ramot Hashavim” (between Rannana and Hod Hasharon in the central part of Israel). The plan of the house should then reflect the functionality of a residence for a family.

In the residence you can admire the combination of modern living style with Asian influences. Lifestyle Villa welcomes its guests with a beautiful, Asian-style garden. The rectangular shape dominated both the appearance of the facade and the interior. But the building seems to have merged with the landscape. Concrete was complemented by glass in the form of doors and windows.

Luxury holiday home offers a relaxed lifestyle

Luxury-vacation-home-with-a-lush-garden-Asian-style-wrong way

The villa itself provides 500 square meters of living space. These are divided into 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a guest suite and a spacious living room with an open floor plan. It includes a comfortable suite, as well as a kitchen with dining area and an area for the family. There is an unobtrusive simplicity, dominated by achromatic colors. The furniture is apparently simple and sophisticated, but the accessories create bold, modern contrasts.

Doors and windows allow life in the center of the house to be observed from the terrace.

Luxury holiday home in a historic area with relaxed surroundings

Israel-luxury vacation home-entertainment-outdoor-kitchen-snooker table

A crystal clear swimming pool with water features that create a holiday atmosphere is within reach. The pool deck offers a range of entertainment options – an outdoor kitchen, a jacuzzi, tennis court, snooker table, outdoor cinema, and ultra-modern music and lighting system.

Lifestyle Villa stands by The Agency for about $ 7.6 million dollars on sale.

Lifestyle villa-luxury vacation home-swimming pool-water features-fountain

Lifestyle villa in Ramot Hashavim

Luxury cottage-sundeck-rattan armchair-swim pool

Villa with ubiquitous luxury

Luxury holiday home-terrace-wicker furniture-relax armchair-swimming pool

Lifestyle-villa-entertainment options-swimming pool-hot tub

Lifestyle-villa-luxurious-furnishings-living room-sliding elements

Luxury holiday home-seating area-black-white-green-cushions-leather-sofas

Lifestyle-villa-living room-furniture-set-distinct-straight lines

Luxury cottage-sliding-doors-high-ceiling-hanging lamps

Luxury holiday home-living room-kitchen-worktop-white high gloss

Lifestyle villa black and white brick wall modern interior

Lifestyle-villa-kitchen island-white-black-hanging-hood

Lifestyle-villa-kitchen-stainless steel-refrigerator-black-bar stools

Luxury holiday home-modern-interior-white-kitchen island-high gloss

Luxury cottage-bedroom-upholstered bed-high-ceiling-sliding door

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