Luxurious minimalist architecture – In the heat of the Spanish sun

‘La Vinya’ residence by Lagula Arquitectes from Barcelona, ​​Spain Luxurious minimalist residence - front view

‘La Vinya House’ presents the ideal of luxurious living in a residence minimalist architectural style. This house was stylishly designed by Lagula Arquitectes. They adhered to the pure principles of minimalist architecture as well as imagining soulful aspects of traditional Spanish architecture around it super luxurious residential home to design. ‘La Vinya House’ combines the idea of ​​the classic Palladian villa with the international modern architectural style. The latter emerged in Europe as a movement in which the architectural form sought the desired functionality. Typical characteristics of the International Style can be found in this spectacular luxurious minimalist architecture be seen.

Sideways glance at the modern minimalist residence

minimalist modern residence - side view

The apparent weightlessness and floating quality of the La Vinya house has been achieved through a number of methods. First, the massive house size appears to be soaring over the landscape. The emphasis on the horizontal plane exaggerates this “floating” impression. So, when viewed from the front, the structure is raised above the ground on pillars. Free spaces are just as functional as the closed areas. The interplay between open spaces and solid form is a simple but effective way to achieve the dramatic bond between the various architectural elements. Lastly, the lavish use of mirror glass completes the illusion.

minimalist residence with luxurious interior design

minimalist residence with luxurious interior design

From afar, this fabulous luxury house seems to hover over the landscape and invites the curious to wonder what treasures it contains. However, the structure was anchored to gently sloping terrain. This has allowed the architects to take advantage of the opportunity to seamlessly integrate multi-level terraces and open spaces into the main structure. Ergonomically for a luxurious lifestyle, the transition from one area of ​​pleasure to another is unimpeded. The fusion between inner life and outdoor enjoyment is complete. Cool areas of shade are located under the overhang of the main living spaces. Tempting swimming pools and relaxation areas are in the shade or under the glorious Spanish sun.

Stairs in the luxurious minimalist residence

Stairs in the luxurious minimalist residence

Like luxurious minimalist architecture As is to be expected, even the smallest detail has been carefully considered to create visual harmony within the most important structural fabrics. Natural stone was introduced to add a warming offset to the clean geometric lines of the main building. Wood paneling and brick walls were used to let the metal and concrete pieces stand out and highlight the intriguing geometric rhythms. In every aspect, ‘La Vinya House’ stands for the ideal of luxury living for a family who can maximize the pleasure of an enviable location and a wonderful climate.

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