Loft apartment interior with furniture made from euro pallets

modern loft apartment interior euro pallets

A modern one Loft apartment was completely furnished with furniture made from Euro pallets. The wooden pallets were used in the kitchen, living room and even in the bathroom. Fresh and interesting, but also very cheap – this interior idea is becoming more and more popular!

Loft apartment – completely furnished with furniture made from Euro pallets

Loft apartment sofa wood pallets

Originated as a creative idea to do it yourself, which should save a lot of costs, the furniture made from Euro pallets has now become a real trend. They are an environmentally friendly variant and can be quickly converted into different pieces of furniture. The designs have now won many supporters and have even been accepted as a trend by the designers. The rustic wood is a desirable material for purist and minimalist furnishings. The architects of Q-Bic  were also fascinated by this tendency and decided to incorporate it in their next project. So is the concept behind this Loft apartment with an open plan. The apartment was divided into several areas – living room, bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom. And furniture made from Euro pallets was incorporated into the interior everywhere.

Loft apartment with furniture made of wooden pallets offers cheap and practical alternative

Set up living room Euro pallets

In the kitchen of the Loft apartment A small kitchen island was built from four wooden pallets and wall shelves. The pieces of furniture have two big advantages – they can be converted quickly, which makes a move easier later, and they go perfectly with the minimalist interior. In the living room, bookshelves were built from wood from the Euro pallets. Then the wood was sanded and painted with white paint. In the bathroom, a washbasin with a base cabinet was built from Euro pallets. In the living room, a wooden pallet sofa offers a cozy seating area. Take a look at the purist decor and you might find some useful inspiration!

Furnishing a small apartment – furnishing and color schemes

Living room bookcases euro pallets

Bathroom furniture made from Euro pallets – cupboard

Bathroom wood pallet cabinet

Modern and comfortable – puristic interior

Sofa wood furniture euro pallets

Neutral color scheme and wooden furniture

open apartment-small spaces

Furniture made from euro pallets in a loft apartment

modern small loft apartment

Loft apartment with pitched roof

Build couchette euro pallets yourself

Kitchen island made of wood pallets – make a small apartment

Kitchen island wood pallet-cheap facility

Small dining area with pendant light next to the kitchen island

small apartment set up cheap ideas

Narrow apartment with an open plan

small kitchen euro pallets furniture

euro pallet furniture ideas