Japanese architectural style and lots of living space characterize the narrow Shoei House in Japan

narrow japanese house long style of construction

In today’s post we would like to present you the Japanese house “Shoei House” in Kyoto, which, thanks to its unique architecture, is undoubtedly one of the architectural masterpieces. The narrow and long “Shoei House” was designed in 2017 by the architects Hearth Architects. For some years now, a Japanese architectural style has been on view in Japan that cannot be found in Europe. The “Shoei House” impresses with its unique Japanese architecture. New architectural ideas, such as the so-called “eel beds”, arise due to the lack of space where even the smallest gap is built on.

house narrow pointed roof japanese style

The narrow and long house in Kyoto has this particular architectural style. The Unagi no Nedoko, the so-called eel beds, are houses that offer an enormous amount of living space on the tiniest of plots. The Shoei home, for example, was designed for a 5.5 meter wide lot. The modern Japanese house extends from east to west and has a total length of 32 meters. A Japanese architectural style like this has established itself as the traditional house style in Kyoto. Because of the orientation of the house, hardly any light penetrates from the north and from the sweet. That was reason enough to distribute the rooms over two floors. There is no useless space in this narrow house.

kitchen countertop plant dining table island

On the first floor there is the entrance to the house, the storage room, the children’s room, the cloakroom and a bedroom. The living area, the kitchen with dining area, the laundry room and the veranda are located on the second floor. The total living space is 115.72 square meters. Another highlight in Shoei House are the many plants and trees that have been planted both inside and outside. So you can feel the nature and the seasons, even when you are inside. A tall tree extends from the first floor to the roof and even looks out from a skylight. The interior of the house is characterized by the calm and simple Japanese style. Warm wood was used as the floor covering, which is in harmony with the wooden beams on the ceiling. The kitchen and bathroom furniture were also made of light wood.

ceiling wooden beams wooden table dining area chairs

kitchen dining area furnishing simple pendant light

dining table wooden beams tree staircase

hob countertop chairs wood

wooden beam deke japanese architecture sofa

bathroom sink wood vanity wood ceiling

railing metal skylight tree indoor

skylight japanese architecture tree interior

sofa window tree wood floor carpet

concrete fence eel bed house japan space saving

veranda wooden deck trees stones outside area

eel bed house narrow wall tree indoor japan

pebbles planting outside moss

garden trees plants moss pebbles

wood paneling dark light stones concrete

interior plant blind window japanese house

japanese house planting wood inside

shoei house japanese building style floor plan

floor plan shoei house japanese style long

* a project by Hearth Architects