Indoor aquarium as a highlight in the low-cost holiday home

Indoor aquarium -concrete-house-minimalist-architecture-design-outdoor-light-openings

“House with Balls” is a unique project by the architecture firm Matharoo Associates, which is strongly oriented towards the needs and demands of the client. It became a Indoor aquarium integrated and it is a highlight in the center of the building. The client is a professional breeder of tropical fish and has his business in the city.

Indoor aquarium – concrete holiday home in India

Indoor aquarium -fishes-concrete-holiday-home-nature-cheap-garden-lawn

The assignment was to design a house in the country with sufficient space and facilities for breeding fish on a budget of 12,000 dollars. The task was extremely demanding and the architects had to resort to inexpensive but effective solutions in every area. The result was a minimalist concrete holiday home with a green area, living and sleeping area.

Indoor aquarium on a tight budget

Indoor aquarium -concrete-house-inexpensive-natural-land-lighting

A 9000 liter aquarium stretches along the entire living area and provides a living environment for numerous species of tropical fish, aquatic plants and beautiful pink water lilies. The large water tanks are on both sides of the elongated building.

Indoor aquarium – inexpensive system

Indoor aquarium -concrete-house-minimalist-budget-lighting-openings

Concrete was used as the most cost-effective material possible. It can be brought into shape quickly and as is well known, and is also a frequently used medium in modern architecture and interior design. The commissioned architecture firm prefers concrete and has already received several awards for its remarkable projects (AR December 2003 and 2005). Even the “House with Balls” is awarded for AR House 2010.

Indoor aquarium with a simple mechanism for daylight

Indoor aquarium-concrete-house-evening-lighting-architecture-minimalistic-design

In addition to the indoor aquarium, the concrete house is characterized by unusual windows or those that are missing. Instead of glazing, a whole elongated opening was left without glass on both sides of the building and equipped with shutters. The shutters seamlessly cover this opening and are adjusted from the outside using a simple manual mechanism.

Indoor aquarium of a minimalist concrete house

Indoor aquarium-fish-breeding-indoor-concrete-house-cheap

The opening along the main room is closed and opened by weight balls made of concrete. This simple, almost primitive, solution regulates the daylight required for the aquariums.

Indoor aquarium – system on a tight budget


Indoor aquarium for breeding tropical fish


Indoor aquarium with fish and water lilies 


Indoor aquarium – minimalistic on a tight budget


Open and close shutters by weight – inexpensive option


Manual adjustment of the shutters using concrete weight balls


Minimalist and affordable concrete vacation home in Ahmedabad, India 


Simple mechanism closes and opens the window openings 


“House with Balls” – modern architecture made of concrete


Functional, customer-oriented, modern architecture made of concrete


Concrete house as a country house


Effective and simple solutions – front door with padlock


Effective and simple solutions – lighting


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