Idyllic concrete house with pool conveys security and intimacy

Concrete buildings modern Matteo-Casari house-in Urgnano

A massive one rises on a narrow plot of land within a residential area of ​​Urgnano (in the Lombardy region, Italy) Concrete house on the background of the northern Italian mountain landscape. The building, which is oriented parallel to Via Basella, was reduced to a simple rectangular volume. Its linear architectural elements correspond with the horizon line and create a natural transition.

Concrete house with pool in Urgnano, Italy

Concrete facade house with swimming pool front

The exclusive Concrete house is a design by the architecture studio Matteo Casari architetti. With regard to the typological and stylistic selection options, the building appears rather simple. Despite its strict geometry and concrete front, the house blends in very well with its surroundings. The visual relationship with the surroundings is reinforced by full glazing. Indoor and outdoor spaces are in harmony with each other. Concrete was used as a building material both outside and inside. Living rooms are open and generously lit..

Concrete house designed with a lot of glass and transparency

Concrete front glass panoramic panes swimming pool

The private Concrete house with pool offers security behind thick concrete walls. The living space is 1,570 square meters. Naturalness was achieved in the living area through the use of light. Walls made of cool exposed concrete contrast with subtle colored home accessories that convey warmth. The interaction between anthracite surfaces and light creates the effect of a special sheen.

Photos by: Andrea Martiradonna

The ground floor opens to the valley with floor-to-ceiling glazing

Concrete house design-minimalist Italy-matteo casari-Urgnano region The concrete creates flowing transitions to the horizon line

Fair-faced concrete house terrace lighting flat roof construction volume

Terrace floor made of cast concrete – dimmed night lighting is available

modern architecture italy residential building-concrete Matteo-casari architetti

A concrete house like a fortress

Concrete house facade swimming pool indoor garden lawn

The house offers openness through glass panes

Single-family house in Italy indoor swimming pool, exposed concrete, interior wall design

The openness and transparency give the house its unmistakable face

Glazing Modern House Italy System Indoor Swimming Pool

Bright colors visually warm up the room

House Indoor Indoor Swimming Pool Italy Exposed Concrete Seat Cushions

Side view in section – Matteo Casari architetti 

Private hillside house with pool floor plan concrete

View from above

Floor plan of apartment building-Italy top view

Concrete house side view

Embedded flat roof concrete house floor plan pool

Location of the house

Concrete house Urgnano-Italy location location