Ice House by Minarc – a modern eco-house with a high quality of living

Ecological house passive glass front flat roof wooden facade cladding wooden deck

Because of its rectangular floor plan and flat roof, Ice House is reminiscent of an ice cube. It is located in a rural city, in a less developed region of Iceland, characterized by unspoiled nature. The modern one designed by Minarc Eco house with a functional room concept reflects the pragmatism of the people from the north, who now attach great importance to nature conservation and resource conservation.

Eco-house with a loft character

passive house ecological concept-sustainable Iceland architecture

The designer house works with solar energy. To improve the air quality, no carpets were laid inside the house and no air system was installed. In order to minimize energy costs, the eco-house is passively cooled by cross ventilation in summer. The Ice House was built on a raised wooden deck to reduce floor pollution. The energy-efficient living concept is supplemented by the use of local materials for the cladding, which were covered on site. This also enables the rectangular building to nestle delicately into the surrounding landscape.

Cube-like architecture – eco-house in Iceland impresses with facade design

Ecological house Bauhaus style glass front Iceland sustainable-Minarc Ice House-flat roof

The interior of the house is surprisingly warm and has a variety of decorative elements. Materials were consciously used in their organic form. The full-surface glazing connects inside and outside and offers the residents a breathtaking view of nature. There are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a spacious living room with a loft character.

Intense inside-outside connection

Architecture loft style wall glazing hanging lamp design kitchen island

That Eco house combines sustainable, environmentally friendly design and energy-efficient technologies with minimalist architecture and design. The environmentally friendly living concept focuses on the functionality of the designed rooms and contributes to a balanced and healthier room climate. The multiple award-winning design studio Minarc from Reykjavik, Iceland is internationally recognized for its contemporary design, use of innovative materials and advanced technologies.

Large windows let natural light into the room

kitchen island ecological house Iceland-wood insert flooring-wood deck

Pebble wall in the bathroom

Ice-House passive modern bathroom equipment-glass partition wall pebble-cladding ideas

Soft fabrics create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

Furnishing idea bedroom wool blanket fur throw design house Iceland

Outside shower and seating on the wooden deck

Outdoor shower Ideas-wooden deck Ecological home-Iceland sustainable

Photos by: Torfi Agnarsson