Huts in the forest made of volcanic stone and wood with minimalist shapes

With great respect for the forest landscape, Weber Arquitectos created these modern and stylish huts in the forest. The rural retreat is located on a wooded property in the Valle de Bravo in the state of Mexico. In order to maintain the integrity of the site, the resort is spread over five buildings. These arrange themselves perfectly between the gaps in the existing trees. The group includes four guest houses and a main residence. All are positioned so that guests can enjoy the green views and natural light.

Comfortable and modern huts in the forest

two interconnected huts in the forest with contemporary design and architecture

The project is an impressive example of the contemporary architecture that is currently taking the South American country by storm. The sleek design and numerous eye-catching features combine the essential comfort of a forest hut and local traditions. Fans of modern and practical architecture will surely be delighted with it.

fireplace and horse in the forest next to a small house

The interior walls are lined with a contrasting mix of strong volcanic stone and warm pine, while wooden grids filter the incoming rays. Although each structure has its own terrace, outdoor fire pits, seating areas, and plunge pools allow for social spaces where guests can gather in the middle of nature.

3d plan and sketch of huts in forest resort in mexico

The whole project consists of five buildings, which are spread over an area of ​​5000 square meters in order to keep the extensive architectural program as small as possible. In this way, the architects minimized the effects on the existing vegetation of the site. Instead of a large common footprint that required several trees to be felled, the various huts are located in the forest between the gaps that naturally exist in the middle of the trees. In this way, they can be integrated into the architecture at any time.

small bathroom with glass door and terrace with plants

A building for social purposes, four guest houses and the main building, in which the customer’s house is located, make up the project. All are oriented so that you can take full advantage of the natural light and get incredible views of the forest. In addition, each cabin has its own terrace. All bathrooms have an indoor terrace with vegetation. Volumetrically, the houses differ from rooms with a lower height and are framed by treated wooden lattices that filter the light and offer privacy.

Traditional Mexican architecture with modern elements

Round wooden coffee table in huge living room with sloping roof

These innovative huts in the forest have a living space of around 900 m², which offers many opportunities to relax and unwind. The interiors of this residential property were designed with a certain serenity and screams for luxury and tranquility. Everything is in a forest about 20 minutes from the lake. The architects wanted to make sure they had the least impact on the existing vegetation. This really sets the so-called “San Simón Cabins” apart from the competition.

environmentally friendly architecture through freely positioned houses with outdoor terraces

All cabins are cleverly designed to ensure that residents can enjoy exceptional views of the beautiful forest landscapes. On the terraces, guests can enjoy the warm Mexican climate. The interior of this hideaway has been merged with the architecture to create a warm atmosphere with clean lines and modern details.

wooden slats as privacy screens and a small pool in a modern forest house made of volcanic stone and wood

It is clear from the end result that the architects put a lot of planning and attention into the choice of materials. The volcanic stone is one of the outstanding materials. This one covers the walls in contrast to the stave and local pine beams. The latter form the structure and finish. As for the interior design of this laid-back haven, it has been combined with the architecture, which is made up of clean lines and eye-catching contemporary details. The furniture and all decorative elements have also been selected and designed with the wooded environment in mind.

Sun protection through a canopy made of wooden slats on an outside terrace

The light oak wood chosen to combine with the other surfaces for an overall aesthetic gives the whole a very natural look. The color palette is generally very sober and powerful. The gray tones are applied to the facades and interiors as well as bathroom fittings and black lights.

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small fireplace surrounded by trees and huts in the forest

Exterior facade of a holiday home in the forest made of volcanic stone and sustainable materials

surrounded by trees and nature, huts appear in the forest in the middle of nature

stairs in the basement lead to the outside through a door that is locked with a grille

sunlight penetrates from the ceiling in designer house

Shade from slats over a cozy patio area in the forest

round pool belonging to the collection of huts in the forest

modern and traditional architecture through huts in the forest and natural surroundings

huts arranged side by side in the forest with facades made of volcanic stone

upper floor and living room with straight lines and great interior design

Pool table and darts in entertainment room of a vacation home

discreetly furnished living room with wall shelf and flat screen TV over firewood

spacious kitchen with modern appliances and a kitchen island in the middle

large windows and hanging lamps provide a modern interior with sufficient light

cozy living room with pine beams on the ceiling and built-in kitchen

guest rooms with double beds and subtle light

inviting outdoor area with a small pool in the middle of the forest

double sinks and hanging mirrors in modern space

hallway clad with dark gray stone slips with ladder and wooden floor

comfortable-looking bedroom with a large window overlooking the forest

Kitchen island made of oak behind a gray sofa as a design for huts in the forest

long concrete table crosses a modern designed room with hanging lamps in industrial style

minimalist design on the upper floor of waldhütte with translucent windows and balcony

back of a small house with a sloping roof under the trees

sinks practically next to each other in modern bathroom with hanging mirrors

floor plan and blueprints for contemporary forest huts by mexican architects

position and floor plan of san simon cabins from architects weber in mexico