Hut with modern interior design in France


A hut is a tempting idea for a robbery house in the mountains. the Hut with modern interior design offers architects and designers many options for developing a mountain house with luxury interior design.

Hut with modern interior design – light color scheme


Noe Duchaufour Lawrence the house has been built far from the geometric shapes of the traditional hut. The project by the French designer presents a luxury Hut with modern interior design and with its own inner landscape, the shapes of which emerge from the ground like small functional mountains and tower over the valley. The end result is a stretch of lines and organic shapes around a strip of wood. The entire construction is concentrated in a single large room that acts as the focal point of the hut. There the family gathers around the warm fireplace. The dining area and the rooms for rest and entertainment are also located there. Wood is the main material used for wall cladding and furnishings.

Hut with modern interior design

minimalist hut hallway

The neutral gray color and the soft nuances of brown dominate, making the whole interior seem more pleasant. The warm pastel colors are combined with the luxurious designer furniture and accessories in an interesting way. They stand out like pops of color in the color scheme Hut with modern interior design. There is a different predominant color in every room. In the bedroom it is warm brown in combination with gray as well as the contrasting black and white color, while in the living room the light shades of gray are the most important hues. The entire house is clad with wood on the exterior, which gives warmth to the surroundings, while the elegant furniture creates a luxury interior design. The holiday home fits very well into the landscape and is a wonderful example of one Hut with modern interior design.

B. Angelov

  Designer furniture


beige bedroom


minimalist white kitchen


Ceiling design



Hut-with-modern-interior-design-granite cladding



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