House with concrete walls – sustainable and minimalist design for more comfort

minimalist designer garden with lawn and trees in front of the house with concrete walls and a sloping roof

This concrete walled house in Australia is a challenge to the current state of housing in Perth. The sustainable combination of apartment and house was designed for small plots and uses commercial materials in an innovative way. The architects have thus achieved a small footprint and climate-neutral status. The main task was actually to design a block of 175 m2 under Perth’s one-bedroom dwelling. The aim was to create an affordable and sustainable home for Whispering Smith architectural office director Kate and her partner Matt.

Contemporary house with concrete walls

house with concrete walls with sustainable design and minimalist shapes in gray

The so-called “House A” is 70 m² in size. It also offers compact, flexible and delightful spaces that can host a dinner party for 30 guests. So this shows that small areas can actually be big enough.

trees in green and smooth exterior facade made of concrete with window and balcony in gray

The concrete-walled house was the first of three houses under development by feminist architecture firm Whispering Smith in partnership with Kate’s father. The small area of ​​the house was designed in such a way that the existing old trees and the house from the 50s remain on site. For this reason, the building was assigned to the remaining land.

outside concrete stairs lead to the entrance of the house

So construction is a product of highly efficient planning. Commercial concrete construction techniques have been used to achieve a narrower and larger footprint. The project also relied heavily on the craft, detailing, and a raw material. This has a so-called “Wabi-Sabi” specification, with which it can support the small footprint.

Wide spaces with a compact design

wooden staircase with iron fall protection in white as a grille and retro furnishings

Whispering Smith combined spaces and volumes in order to achieve privacy and openness at the same time without doors and walls. When you look at the cost of the building in conjunction with the lower cost of purchasing the land, it turns out that the innovative architecture of the project has made it economically viable for millennia.

courtyard with beautiful design elements and white brick walls with plants

House A’s front yard uses the edge as an indigenous garden and outdoor living area, and has increased the comfort of both the home residents, the street residents, and the local bird life. The landscaping of this concrete-walled home provides an important cultural and environmental benefit. It offers the urgently needed green space for the residents, which otherwise becomes smaller the denser the cities get. Other sustainable aspects of the house include an underground rain tank, solar panels, recycled materials and an internal drying rope.

small balcony on the second floor and reflective windows on the first floor of the house

The soft gray concrete surfaces absorb and reflect the surrounding natural landscape, while the minimal shape of the building is in stark contrast to the ubiquitous neighbors of bricks and tiles. In the evenings, the house almost disappears in the late afternoon light, gently reflecting the colors of Scarborough’s sunsets.

housing of the district with red roofs and contrasting house with concrete walls in gray

House A’s design was originally intended to challenge the status quo of oversized and substandard housing in WA. Since graduating, the project has evolved into a platform for Whispering Smith to share the positive power of architecture.

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outdoor terrace with dark wooden slats as facade cladding with designer chair in blue

The bar covered with small white tiles next to the couch and column in gray in the living room

interior with supporting column and plants in front of glass door on concrete floor

rubber tree in the corner next to picture frame and tiled wall

guest room with double bed and sloping roof with stool in the corner and rubber tree

gray walls made of concrete in combination with a subtle couch and side table made of marble

interior of the house with concrete walls and a table with tiled paneling

kitchenette with minimalist wooden shelves and concrete wall

rustic copper faucet as a design element in the interior in front of a wooden shelf

Washbasin with rustic faucet and mirror next to bathroom niche on brick wall in white

house with concrete walls with sustainable design and minimalist shapes floor plan

house with concrete walls with sustainable design and minimalist shapes as a floor plan on two levels