House with balcony – modern concept, realized by Ryo Matsui in Tokyo

Wood roof balcony roof terrace-metal railing ryo-matsui architects-balcony house-tokio

A balcony or terrace enhances the living space by adding a new dimension. How does the modern look House with a balcony, or balconies? The Japanese architect tries to answer this question Ryo Matsui – with its minimalism-based concept for a four-story residential building, executed simply and in a typical Asian style. Ryo Matsui Architects built a contemporary house in February 2013 and ensured intensive communication between inside and outside through the use of natural materials. This results in an overall picture that on the one hand fits well into the urban environment, on the other hand has a harmonious effect.

Contemporary house with balcony and roof terrace

Single-family house, modern reinforced concrete, rectangular floor plan ryo matsui-architects

Balcony Haus is located in a residential area of ​​the metropolis of Tokyo, where space is known to be a luxury. Wide window openings as well as the roof terrace and many balconies almost merge the border between inside and outside. The simple, at first glance, single-family house extends over 4 floors and includes spacious living rooms and generously designed outdoor areas that provide cozy privacy and beautiful views over the city. Inside the building there are 202.6 m2 of living space available. There are 2 garages in the basement. On the second living level there is a bedroom with its own bathroom that can be opened to the balcony, a playroom for children. Cooking, dining and living areas are on the third floor. The bedroom on the fourth floor opens onto a spacious roof terrace with a generous city view. The interiors are done in warm wood tones.

Balcony House by the architect Ryo Matsu

Growing trees on the balcony Wood covering Balcony-Modern design-ryo matsui-architects balcony-house

Balcony House has a playful facade that looks modern and sustainable. The 2 meter long balconies act as a buffer between the building and the street. Green areas in the open air offer small but cozy places to retreat and relax. With this, the imaginative architect not only achieves to expand the living space, but also to bring nature closer to where it is most missed.

The reinforced concrete construction blends in with the urban environment

Tokyo-at night residential district ryo matsui architects-balcony house-terrace balconies

Greening brings nature closer

House with balcony-glass wall floor wooden floorboards plantings-ryo matsui-architects balcony house

House with a balcony in the metropolis of Tokyo

Residential house wood paneling chair wood glass insert-ryo matsui-architects balcony-house-tokio

Daylight floods the room

concrete construction-house balcony-wood flooring-ryo matsui-architects japan tokio

Photos by Daici Ano

Roof terrace offers stunning views of the neighborhood

Four storey house modern construction roof terrace reinforced concrete

Room layout Balcony House-Tokyo Ryo-Matsui Architecture Japan

Balcony house outline room layout Tokyo architecture modern

tokio haus first floor room layout-room plan rectangular-floor plan

Roof terrace balcony house modern room layout Tokyo architecture

Modern house with roof balcony terrace-greening outdoor seating