House on the New Zealand coast with attractive wood and glass inserts

Modern house on the coast New Zealand lawn gabion ceiling-to-ceiling glazing

The contemporary House on the coast is a design by Dorrington Architects & Associates, built in 2007 in Coopers Beach, Northland, New Zealand. Coopers Beach House consists of 3 interconnected structures that create an attractive overall structure. The use of a lot of glass gives a feeling of visual lightness, while the wooden paneling inside ensures a pleasant cosiness and warmth.

Modern house on the coast tempts you with living close to nature

Flat roof wooden pavilion-Coopers Beach House-with garden New Zealand

Not every home on the Coopers Beach shoreline offers views like this one. The building is surrounded by lush green lawns. The property is located very close to the beach and is very flat, making it ideal for a large garden. Both inside and outside there is a noticeable feeling of calm, relaxation and balance between people and nature.

New Zealand coast house by Dorrington Architects & Associates

Beach House New Zealand Night Lighting Residential Pavilion Building Volume

The interior is airy, spacious and bright. Modern and high-quality materials create comfort and at the same time exude elegance. In addition to the sun and the choice of location, privacy was an important aspect of the design. The living rooms are located on 4 levels and connected by a wide corridor. In the higher construction volume are the bedrooms, bathrooms, a comfortable home office from which you can enjoy a great view. The main living space is in the residential pavilion on the first floor. Separate garage buildings with a connection to the living room and a furnished basement complete the picture. The communication between interior and exterior is strongly emphasized.

Clear, geometric building with a contemporary look

Flat-roof house, cube-like flat, pavilion garden, lawn care Gabions

View of the house side without a window

Modern House Garden Paths Shape Stone Curbs Coast New Zealand

Floor-to-ceiling windows give a clear view of the surroundings

House-on the coast-ocean view office decor view-wood shelf-wall billiard table

Floor-to-ceiling glazing ensures openness

Residential pavilion house interior design wood furniture New Zealand architecture

Wood makes the living space appear livelier and warmer

Interior design modern home wood veneer dining room furniture retro touch

Fitted kitchen made of wood veneer

Loft kitchen kitchen block-wood paneling-open shelves built-in ceiling lights

Open wooden bookcases

Coastal house modern design interior design wood insert kitchen furnishings

Bathroom wall design with ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles bathroom-vertically laying bath-free standing Orange

Photos by: Emma-Jane Hetherington