House made of concrete and glass – fascinating minimalist architecture

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Let yourself be inspired by this green oasis! Here’s a formidable idea for Concrete house and glass. The private family residence is located in an old part of the city in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The project of the one-story house is a design by De Bever Architects. Modern architecture is a great example of minimalism.

minimalist elements in the modern concrete house

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That Concrete house inspires with a well thought-out concept and perfect execution. The glass walls are an addition to the modern architecture and allow plenty of sunlight into the interior. The interior design is very effective and can also be described as minimalist. The clear lines and simple shapes characterize the interior of the entire house. Glamorous mosaic tiles attract attention in the bathroom. The color scheme is neutral. There is no front door and there is direct access to the bathroom from the garden. Marble tiles and wall cladding can be seen on the other floors of the house. The walls are wave-shaped and thus create the unusual look of the house.

Spaciousness and nature in the house design by De Bever Architects

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The details are particularly important. The positioning of ceiling lights, stairs, underfloor heating, acoustic panels and the right lighting determine the whole view. The puristic style makes the interior appear spacious and creates a relaxed ambience. It is not possible to say exactly whether the house is in the middle of nature or nature is in the house. The modern one Concrete house shows an attractive glass facade here – the absolute highlight of the project.

Glass facade and decorative components with a small pool in the background

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Back entrance with a wavy glass wall

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Typical example of wall cladding and minimalist style

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Fine materials and luxury as components of the interior design

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Modern architecture – combination of concrete and glass

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Wall cladding and fine decoration determine the puristic style

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Simple lines and a picture as a wall decoration

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Invite nature into your home

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Bathroom mosaic tiles with animal patterns

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