House in Nagoya – a modern compact house

From Suppose design office

modern architecture - facade

Designed by the Suppose design office, this compact modern House in Nagoya, Japan combines living and working spaces. The architects strove to unite the different environments instead of separating them. Therefore, a flower shop, an art gallery and a living room have been brought under one roof in an exciting modern way. The house thus provides everything its owners need.

Modern small house in Nagoya

interesting interior design idea - a modern house in Japan

The modern one  House in Nagoya has three levels. The first includes the flower shop and gallery. In this room the flowers look like part of the art gallery and this unusual mix gives the area a unique atmosphere. It is a pleasant work area and at the same time an inviting space for customers.

modern interior design – a house in Japan

interesting interior - living room in house in Nagoya

On the second floor there is a large terrace and a living area that combines a living room, dining room and kitchen. And the top floor consists of the most private area in the modern  House in Nagoya – the bedroom and bathroom with an additional terrace, the three floors are connected by a winding staircase. Both living areas are decorated in a minimalist way. The simple furniture should provide a well-protected space for the residents.

an extraordinary modern house in Japan – with a gallery

House in Nagoya- interesting modern architecture

The exterior of the modern house was designed in a contemporary way. Its rectangular shape is reminiscent of an accordion. The walls are painted white, the northeast side of the house consists of a glass facade that lets enough light into the living areas. The first floor of the south facade also consists of low-floor windows, which makes the room appear more open and provides more lighting in the flower shop and in the gallery. The flowers and pictures are visible from the outside and invite customers to enter the shop. The stairwell is also visible and stands like a work of art in the gallery.

By K.H. Christova