House facade made of wood and concrete creates interesting contrasts


We present you with an excellent example of House facade made of wood and concrete – the Madalena House in Portugal. The house is located in a rural area and the choice of materials was based on this – concrete, wood and glass are combined in a unique way to create this interesting construction.

House facade made of wood and concrete gives an interesting look

Concrete house-wooden elements-Portugal

The house has been designed in a modern and minimalist way, so the materials used to build it are no coincidence. House facade made of wood and concrete is characteristic of modern minimalist architecture. Irregular and somewhat rustic-looking beams create an interesting interplay of light and shadow and contrast with the surroundings. The large windows allow plenty of light into the house, making the interior look more homely.

Interesting house facade made of wood and concrete – modern architecture in Portugal

modern-rustic-white-living room

The rectangular volumes are another hallmark of minimalism. The stark contrast in the House facade made of wood and concrete of the Castanheira and Bastai Architects on the one hand offer security through the stable concrete, and on the other hand the light oak brings a feeling of warmth and hospitality. The interior of the house is decided in the same color tones as the exterior. There is no decoration, the furnishings are simple but elegant. The structural elements look sculptural. The house looks out onto a beautiful meadow, which has a calming effect. In reality, you don’t need much more in the country than beautiful surroundings, a fireplace in the living room and good company.

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Minimalism Country House Portugal

Modern bathroom with a freestanding bathtub


Rustic sofa in the living room in the country house

rustic-sofa-country-house-living room

Interesting wooden stairs


Concrete house with wooden ceiling

Concrete house wooden ceiling interior design

minimalist architecture from Portugal