House extension by adding a courtyard to a house in Australia

House extension by adding white-facade-rear-alley

Austin Maynard Architects have one House extension through extension on a two-story house in Melbourne, Australia that provides additional living space for residents. The annex is built behind the house and has a sunny courtyard with a vertical garden and potted plants. The small building is designed with an open concept, whereby the inner courtyard is connected with the alleys typical of Australian houses.

House extension by adding to the rear building

House extension by adding open-rear-alley-sliding-doors

The alley is a small street behind rows of houses in Australia. As a rule, alleys are rarely used, so Austin Maynard architects tried to use this extension to embrace the alley as a cool place to play and entertain. When the doors are open, the annex and the courtyard are connected to the small street. In this way, the house is expanded further and the annex receives a large amount of light and air.

Extension of the house by adding a kitchen and dining area

House extension by adding living space-creating-dining area

The extension is designed with a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, courtyard, garage and study, creating a lot of additional living space. The inner courtyard is surrounded by sliding glass doors that connect the indoor and outdoor areas. The exclusively white interior is transformed by colorful furnishings and murals into a colorful room that is in harmony with the colorful facade painting. The highlight, however, is the canary yellow bathroom, which serves as a playful accent in the interior.

Light house extension with inner courtyard

House extension by adding inner courtyard-plants-glass sliding-doors

Colorful facade painting on the rear facade of the house

Extension of the house by adding the rear building-facade-painting-colorful

House extension by extension with a sunny inner courtyard

house-extension-extension-courtyard-connection-glass sliding-doors

Handleless kitchen in house extension


The mirrored tile mirror creates a playful interior


White fitted kitchen with mirror back wall

house-extension-extension-mirror-rear wall-kitchen-beautiful-living-idea

House extension by building on two levels


Creating living space with a house extension


The extension without the dining furniture


Colorful furnishings are in harmony with the facade painting

house-extension-extension-dining-area-red-dining-chairs-wooden furniture

Colorful murals add color accents to the white interior

house extension-cultivation-furnished-dining-area-stairs

Comfortably designed house extension


Canary yellow bathroom contrasts with the white walls


Bathroom with a playful design


House extension with pent roof on two levels

house extension-extension-second-level-study-pent roof

Study on the second level of the extension

house extension-extension-study-roof-white-window

* a project by Austin Maynard Architects.