Holistic modern architecture

House S – project by Keiji Ashizawa Design from Tokyo

 holistic architectural townhouse Japan

House S is located in a quiet neighborhood in the center of Tokyo. These holistic modern architecture is hidden from the road by some old conifers. Keiji Ashizawa Design designed the project for a well-kept house with a modern interior, where the owners’ works of art are on display. Its exciting design can hardly be seen from the street.

Holistic modern architecture from Japan

modern architecture from Japan

If one observes the house from the street, it is difficult to imagine what is hidden behind the facade. the holistic modern architecture is surrounded by trees and plants, attractive garden areas are also designed inside the house. In this way, the indoor area will be seamlessly connected to the outdoor area, and over time the indoor plants will grow and create a pleasant ambience.

Holistic modern architecture combines stylish home and modern gallery

modern interior design - holistic

The interior was designed according to the owners’ wishes so that their beautiful collection of works of art and exquisite furniture can be shown to their best advantage. the holistic modern architecture was conceived accordingly – materials, light, ventilation and rooms are kept simple, the design is elegant and stylish. Each floor represents a different time of year. The house S of Keiji Ashizawa design is a great example of holistic modern architecture.

From Jaz

holistic architecture – bedroom with glass wall

exciting design from Japan

Wooden table in the dining room

modern dining room wooden table

exciting design – modern living room

Skylights - art in the living room

holistic modern architecture – glass facade

modern facade

elegant interior – carpet and winding stairs

modern staircase in the house in Tokyo

modern roof terrace with wooden table

roof terrace with wooden furniture

modern townhouse in Tokyo

Facade - example of holistic architecture

holistic modern architecture blueprint

holistic house blueprint