Hofhaus Designs – a town house with a natural oasis

modern interesting courtyard house Korea-front

Korea’s IROJE KHM Architects developed this angular piece of architecture on a hill overlooking GuMiDong, South Korea. His name, NOKsSUNGHUN means “That House of the future, where you can really enjoy nature ”. Not surprisingly, it is situated in a perfect location, surrounded by nature and with a city nearby. That Courtyard house has a modern outdoor space and is a true escape from the busy city below, a natural retreat. In the center of the house is a lavishly designed, entertaining outdoor area. The outside space between the two volumes and the dynamic space in the garden interact through the open wall. Their picturesque frames are an element that shapes the landscape.

A modern, innovative courtyard house in Korea

modern interesting courtyard house Korea facade

Expansive windows and sliding glass doors make the interior look more open. Trees, wooden planks and lots of well-placed lights create a cozy atmosphere. The owner of this House can enjoy a free, private stroll in an open natural space.

modern architecture – a courtyard house combines city and nature

modern interesting courtyard house korea garden

The two neighboring components of this bold, angular, almost sculptural building look onto the inner courtyard. Another thing about this Courtyard house The angular metal roof, which was inspired by the mountains from the rear and the context of the surroundings, gives it a special character. This wood, glass and steel house has the same materials inside and out: zinc sheet walls and wood style, while at night the illuminated interior and the garden appear visually as a unit. The interior is decorated with warm white walls and ceilings, wooden floors and fixtures that create a comfortable atmosphere.

modern interesting courtyard house korea living room

modern interesting courtyard house Korea bar

modern interesting courtyard house korean cuisine