Granite slabs for facades and interiors – A minimalist house in Australia

granite slabs for facade structured impressive optics

Natural stone facades have a long tradition in the construction of private and public buildings. Natural stone not only looks extremely stylish, the material is also characterized by great weather resistance. That is why the architects from the Australian architecture studio b.e architecture decided on natural stone slabs for the design of this house in Australia. The natural stone used is granite, which is not only used outdoors. Granite is used everywhere in the house, so that a uniform stone look is created. However, the granite slabs for facades differ from those in the interior in terms of their surface. The linear architecture and the gray color of the building create a minimalist appearance that is elegant and modern at the same time.

facade cladding granite slabs minimalist

The impressive house with minimalist design is located near Melbourne, Australia and is built on a total of three floors. From the outside, the building looks like two geometric bodies that are simply stacked on top of each other. Since the top floor protrudes from the lower, the so-called cantilevers are created, which can be seen more and more frequently in modern architecture.

minimalist house granite slabs facade terrace

The granite slabs used for the facade have a very special look, thanks to their structured surface. This neutralizes the linear design of the house a little and gives the building an unmistakable character.

granite facade minimalist house design pool outside area

A terrace without a roof is right next to the open living room, which is equipped with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. So you can connect the indoor and outdoor areas. The terrace also has a viewpoint to the outdoor pool, which also has a minimalist design. The swimming pool is surrounded by a planted fence that serves as a privacy screen.

small courtyard plants granite cladding stones glass outside shower

In the middle of the house is a secluded Japanese garden designed as a small courtyard. The master bedroom has direct access to the small garden, which is also equipped with an outside shower. This small area is surrounded by the granite slabs for the facade and glass and continues to serve as an additional source of daylight in the bedroom.

indoor granite application stairs staircase

The use of granite in the design of the house does not stop with the granite slabs for the facade. The natural stone is also used indoors, where it is used as flooring, cladding for walls and for various elements of the facility. The architects used a total of three different types of granite to create a uniform design inside and out. The total amount of granite stones used to build the house is 260 tons.

bad design granite washbasin natural stone modern

In the bathroom, the elegant natural stone again plays the main role. Granite walls with a smooth surface harmonize perfectly with the granite slabs on the floor and the bathroom fittings made of the same material. The vanity together with the wash basin is made from a single solid granite block. This creates a seamless finish that looks very elegant in the bathroom. The freestanding bathtub is also carved out of a whole piece of granite and looks really modern. The black faucet together with the towel rail and the window frame create subtle accents in the granite bathroom.

modern bathroom design granite floor walls bathtub

* This house is a project of b.e architecture