Glass house in Ansley Park – An example of modern architecture

Glass house in Ansley Park - modern architecture

Designing houses for the modern family has become an art that leaves its hallmark from time to time. A good example of a house of this type is this Glass house in Ansley Park in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is being built by the American architects Brian Bell and David Yocum from GBD Architects. The home is an addition to a 1910 era home in a historic downtown neighborhood. The construction area is very comfortable with rich nature and a fantastic view of the downtown skyscrapers. That Glass house in Ansley Park is a family house built from glass and wood. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage, kitchen, living room and a library. All are on 3 floors that are connected by a new staircase.

The glass house in Ansley Park – modern architecture

Glass house in Ansley Park - exciting design idea

Customers expressed a strong desire that their domestic spaces be designed in harmony with the surroundings and have the city skyline at night and day. The interiors are united according to the different levels of the house. Each of them is set up around a staircase that runs in the middle of the Glass house stands. The stairs have no visible girders. The uppermost rooms are shifted over the lower ones, which creates a contrast of room types with the historical part of the building. The use of glass walls expresses the main principle of the house – to ensure light and a beautiful view.

the glass house – an example of modern interior design

Interior decoration in the glass house in Ansley Park - library

The interior design of the Glass house is contemporary. The minimalist furniture was made from natural materials. There is also some glass that is used inside for the stair railing. The colors are mostly in the neutral color scheme. All of these add some gloom in the house, but a noble gloom. The combination between the facade and the interior brings life to the Glass house in Ansley Park and creates a relationship with nature.

modern architecture - living area and balcony

View upstairs dining area wood dining table

Murals ceiling lights hallway design

View dining area kitchen garden

Seating area upholstered furniture taupe

Glass windows, pool, anthracite facade, bamboo plants