Garden pavilion with a glass front in Zurich in dialogue with its surroundings

Garden pavilion with glass front trees-folding roof-glass front-1

Of the Garden pavilion with glass front is located on Krähbühlstrasse in Zurich and was built in 2013 by Oliv Brunner Volk Architects. The living pavilion extends over an area of ​​130 m² and stands in the garden of a villa from the 20s on the Zürichberg. The impressive garden pavilion is fully glazed and offers a breathtaking view.


The pavilion in the garden is surrounded by a dense population of trees, which was actually the wish of the builders. In order to preserve the tree population as much as possible, the architects designed the building’s footprint to be as small as possible. The garden pavilion with a glass front is designed in the shape of a mushroom and has a small ground floor and a larger upper floor that protrudes all around. The architects opted for a special window front with folding sliding windows that open the entire ground floor to the garden and thereby remove the boundaries between the inside and outside area. The upper floor is also glazed and offers a great view of the treetops. The attractive garden pavilion with a glass front has an open kitchen-living room on the ground floor. On the upper floor there is an open living room, which is zoned by different room depths. The pentagonal living room houses the sleeping area, the bathroom with shower and toilet and a storage room. A staircase leads from the ground floor to the upper floor. The staircase is illuminated by two skylights that open for ventilation purposes and allow residents a view of the sky.

pavilion-first floor-trees-sliding-window-glass-front-3

The interior of the residential pavilion is determined by the glass, light exposed concrete and textiles in light colors. The floor covering on the ground floor consists of dark hard concrete, while on the upper floor a light belt parquet with the board formwork of the roof underside creates a harmonious overall picture. Viewed from the outside, the glass fronted garden pavilion appears dark and the color has been matched to the surrounding tree trunks and branches. The garden pavilion with a glass front is made entirely of in-situ concrete. The roof is asymmetrical and arched and protrudes all around, which makes the second floor completely column-free. The vaulted pavilion folding roof is practically supported by a single core wall, which contains the wet rooms, the building technology and the ancillary rooms.


fair-faced concrete-light-glass-railing-garden-pavilion-5

glass railing-window-front-garden-pavilion-concrete-6


bathtub-freestanding-upper floor-glazed-8


floor plan-ground floor-entrance-kitchen-10

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