Folded roof and panoramic windows characterize this mountain hut in the Andes of Chile

mountain hut folded roof wood view sand gravel

A small mountain hut with an unusual design is located on the western slope of the Chilean Andes. The tourist and mountaineering haven was designed by Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos in 2015. A folded roof characterizes the architecture of the hut and is reminiscent of a tent, with the wide panorama windows offering a spectacular view of the mountains. The extraordinary construction is located in the middle of a barren landscape, which is covered with a lot of sand and large areas of gravel. What makes the view so fascinating is not the green landscapes like in the Alps, but the high, impressive mountain peaks, which are covered with snow in winter. You can find out more about this dream location for passionate mountain lovers here.

folded roof entrance area black pine boards facade

The noble mountain hut was designed for a hill in the municipality of San Esteban, only 70 kilometers north of the capital Santiago de Chile. The volume has a reduced design and the outer facade is completely clad with black pine boards. Interestingly folded roof marks the entrance to the weekend house and symbolizes a safe, protected shelter. The dark color harmonizes perfectly with the barren surroundings without protruding.

weekend home andes hut panorama window folded roof

On the rear facade of the hut, the black boards have been replaced by floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that provide a clear view of the snow-covered mountains. There is also a small concrete terrace as well as an originally designed patio that was conceived as part of the entire volume. Instead of lawns and plants, the “garden” is completely covered with sand and gravel. A long but narrow pool offers the perfect place to relax after a long hike.

panorama window mirroring natural landscape mountains

The idea for a folded roof was inspired by the shapes of the mountain tops and creates a connection between the volume and the surrounding landscape. The weekend house is also set a little above the ground to give the impression of something strange and temporary.

mountain hut andes interior wooden ceiling kitchen view

With a small living space of only 60 square meters, the weekend house offers everything you need for a nice stay in the mountains. It includes a living area, two bedrooms and a bathroom – that’s all you really need here. The kitchen, including the dining area, offers a breathtaking panorama that can also be admired from the bedroom. The light wood paneling on the ceiling and walls creates warmth in the interior and contrasts with the black wooden boards for the facade.

folded roof mountain hut geometric shape resort

Information about the project:

Architecture office: Gonzalo Iturriaga Arquitectos

Responsible architect: Gonzalo Iturriaga Atala

Project: Refugio para un montañista (mountaineering hut)

Year: 2015-16

Location: San Esteban Municipality, Chile

Living space: 60 m²

folded roof panoramic window mirroring landscape

bent roof entrance to mountain hut folded roof surface

folded roof mountain hut stilt collar landscape

small mountain hut facade cladding wood black pool

Chile andes mountain hut folded roof black

collar landscape andes chile mountain hut pool

You can find out more about the architecture office here