Floor-to-ceiling windows characterize the facade of a prefabricated bungalow in Uruguay

floor to ceiling window finished bungalow wood wall

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of summer light into the interior – the glazing is not only practical for office buildings and single-family houses. Especially when it comes to a villa where the family wants to relax in the summer months, then the prefabricated house is often an option. Its construction saves money and time, unfortunately it is usually equipped with small windows in standard dimensions. Not exactly cheap if you want to enjoy the beautiful view. But the talented architects at Mapa Designs recently built a prefabricated bungalow in Uruguay that scores with a fully glazed south facade. We present you the EDE project.

Floor-to-ceiling windows for the holiday home – an overview of the “Ede” project

floor-to-ceiling windows wood blinds steel facade

Mapa architects specialize in the manufacture of prefabricated houses. For their project in Uruguay, they decided on a steel structure, which was then generously glazed. Slidable wooden panels can then protect the house from rain and wind in bad weather. Depending on the terrain, the builders can then shield the facade – this allows certain design flexibility. The prefabricated bungalow consists of two building volumes, which were prefabricated in the capital of the South American state and then transported by truck 200 km to the construction site. They were then assembled on site – the total living space is 125 square meters.

floor to ceiling window cottage rock wood blinds

Thanks to the low weight of the selected materials, this construction method offers another decisive advantage – in contrast to other construction measures that involve interventions in the landscape, the negative effects on nature are kept to an absolute minimum when installing a prefabricated house. As proof, the bungalow was placed on an existing stone wall. Similarly, it can be built on rocks or sloping land without the need for additional terrain design.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas to merge

floor-to-ceiling window living area sofa dining table

The prefabricated bungalow offers the opportunity to relax in the middle of nature from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It goes without saying that the beautiful view plays a decisive role. The Mapa architects have therefore kept the furnishings simple – the furniture is made of natural materials such as local woods and is upholstered with textiles such as cotton and linen. The open living area is the focal point of communication in the house – there you cook, eat and relax on the sofa. The sleeping area is located behind a wooden wall – two bedrooms offer enough space for four people.

Modern design of floor-to-ceiling windows

floor-to-ceiling windows finished bungalow environmental protection

floor-to-ceiling window holiday home prefabricated in the middle of nature

floor-to-ceiling windows window fronts house south america

floor-to-ceiling window lighting house evening

floor to ceiling window side view construction

floor-to-ceiling window lot specific items

floor to ceiling window floor plan side view terrain inclination

floor to ceiling window construction project view above

Project by Mapa designs