Flood-resistant wooden house – protection against natural disasters

Asia flood tsunami protection

We present you a modern concept – this modern one House made of wood was constructed to be flood-resistant. The building is a project by the architects H&P from Vietnam.

House made of wood – innovative construction protects against flooding

Facade bamboo lighting beautiful details

Vietnam is a country that has been devastated by tsunamis several times in recent years. The development of the region suffered badly – the people affected urgently needed new accommodation. The architectural office H&P.  has implemented a project that could solve the problems in the region. That House made of wood is a modular construction, 3.3 meters wide and 6.6 meters long. The building is made entirely of bamboo – a local type of wood that is extremely durable. The various elements of the construction were screwed together. The house can withstand high water up to 1.5 meters. It is currently being tested whether the construction can withstand a 3 meter flood.

Wooden house with modern furnishings

Vietnam building materials bamboo living room house

The house is built entirely from natural materials such as bamboo and chipboard and the roof is covered with coconut leaves. The prefabricated elements are assembled on site – a house can be built within 25 days. This modern architecture is not only practical but also very inexpensive. Inexpensive mass production will certainly lower the price.

The interior from House made of wood is kept simple. A small living area can perform multiple functions – it can be used as a home, school, hospital, or community center.

The living area – furnished in traditional Asian style

Bamboo exotic interior Vietnam architect house

The attic bedroom

Door attic bedroom stairs

Good ventilation in the house thanks to many doors

Sliding door living room furnishing exotic

The prefabricated house can be manufactured and assembled in 25 days

flood resistant house Vietnam bamboo wood modern design

The construction is inexpensive and sustainable

fast benefits bamboo Vietnam

Vertical garden – space-saving and stylish

vertical garden vietnam bamboo building material

The bedroom is under the roof located

Ceiling prefabricated house wood elements roof system

Entrance to the house with a small veranda

Balcony House Community Center Vietnam Architecture

Skylights allow plenty of sunlight into the house

Flood resistant openings Finished construction

Modern concept makes optimal use of the limited living space

House roof prefabricated suspended ceiling elements

The blueprint – one-story prefabricated house

Flood protection house modern architecture blueprint room division

Bamboo, pressed boards and coconut leaves were chosen as building materials

Panels attic material overview