Flat roof house with courtyard – contemporary architectural solutions from India

Flat roof house courtyard twin India

Twin Courtyards House is modern flat roof- House with a yard with a total area of ​​500 square meters, designed by Charged Voids for 2 brothers and completed in 2012. It is located in Chandigarh, India and offers a contemporary style of living.

Sustainable house with courtyard – clear geometric design language

Courtyard house twin flat roof modern architecture India

The property and the urban landscape demanded a timeless and extraordinary architecture at the same time. The exclusive architect House with a yard is characterized by a straightforward architectural language. The concept based on the Bauhaus style is based on the crossing of two axes – vertical and horizontal. The basic structure was expanded by two add-on modules.

Exclusive home with courtyard in India by Charged Voids

Twin house with courtyard india-wood fronts

The flat roof House with a yard Twin represents a unique attempt to reinterpret the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The two-story building has cozy living rooms on two levels. In interior design, elements of western architecture and local traditional elements are skillfully combined. Natural colors and textures add warmth and security. The playful designs make the look in the room livelier. Ecological building materials, especially wood and stone, guarantee a comfortable living environment.

Bauhaus style house offers exclusive living comfort

Residential building with hot wood paneling facade

Light is an important topic for all architects. There are large windows in all rooms of the twin house. Maximum transparency was achieved through full glazing, geometric clarity and an open construction plan. The smooth transition between inside and outside makes it possible to obtain the necessary relaxation that all people need. The wooden facade looks inconspicuous and chic. They confirm the connection with nature and form a harmonious picture from all perspectives. In addition to the interior design in the flat roof House with a yard stood for the architects of Charged Voids modern building services are also at the top of the priority list.

modern house with courtyard design water features

Bauhaus style house with inner courtyard stone floor

Courtyard design design-cubic architecture

Courtyard house fully glazed inner courtyard winter garden

Modern house-india interior-wood glass

Residential building flat roof Bauhaus style interior design

High-gloss floor-to-ceiling full glazing

Modern interior design architect house Twin

Modern house interior architecture India

Flat roof house India roof openings

Residential House Twin Blueprint Open

Courtyard house India-Twin room layout

Two story apartment building India modern architecture floor plan

Flat roof modern house twin coutyard India

Architects House-2 Brothers-India Twin-Coutyard Design

Side view of twin-coutyard house design