Fascinating glass-fronted house with a creative cylinder shape in Lyon, France

glass front house module glass walls cylinder

The architects from Town and Concrete have designed a unique glass-fronted house that fascinates with its special construction. The single-family house in Lyon, France is characterized by its cylindrical shape, which is imaginative and unique. The cylinder house is made up of cylinders of different sizes, creating an unconventional structure. With his Paris architecture office, Cyril Lancelin designed the glass-fronted house with a provocative shape as well as other attractive single-family houses. The “Cylinder House” is certainly his most famous project that the architect will realize by 2019 in a forest near Lyon. Houses made of spheres or stairs from the same architecture studio are already a fact.

forest cylinder glass front house modern

The cylinder house with its unique architecture presents a whole new dimension of construction projects. The unique collection of cylinders creates a wavy and transparent structure, which dissolves the boundaries between interior and exterior space. The juxtaposed cylinders make the glass-fronted house appear larger and the sharp demarcation with the surrounding nature disappear. The aim of the architects in this project was to create a modern single-family house that would fit seamlessly into nature without endangering or harming the trees in the forest.

tubular glass house library living area armchair table

The modular, cylindrical configuration of the building with a glass facade not only enables a diffuse boundary between interior and exterior space, but also allows residents to organize the interior spaces freely and as they wish. By freely positioning the furniture, the homeowner can assign certain uses to the rooms and redefine them over and over again. Since there are no defined corridors inside the house, the variable height of the individual glass tubes serves to divide the rooms. The interior of the cylinder house is flooded with light thanks to the large glass fronts. The interior is kept in a minimalist style and looks simple and elegant. The unconventional shape of the building is combined with practical solutions. Depending on the user’s preference, the cylindrical module can be open, half-open or closed.

window front house made of glass floor lamp sofa coffee table

With their projects, the architects from Town and Concrete present a new, creative and undoubtedly surprising type of architecture. Such special constructions reveal new aspects of design and architecture to us.

pendant lamp dining area table chairs furnishing minimalist

glass front transparent cylinder house armchair relax zone table

armchair nature cylinder house glass front sleeping area

glass family house forest cylinder bright

glass house cylinder height different module

cylinder house lyon transparency bedroom area living room glass front

glass wall cylinder different height construction

* a project by Town and Concrete