Family and work under one roof – house renovation in Muttenz, Switzerland

Family and work house-old building-saddle roof-antique

This classic old building with a gable roof fits perfectly with its exterior in the idyllic landscape in Muttenz, Switzerland. It is actually a historic farmhouse from 1743. Almost 270 years later, the house was rebuilt by Oppenheim Architecture + Design and brought family and work together under one roof on an area of ​​2992 square meters. The project is convincing, but not visually seen from the street side. There are two traditional entrance doors. One leads to the architecture office and the other to the family house.

Family and work under one roof – a historic old building in Switzerland

Family and work-house-old-building-outside-street-side

In its exterior, the building does not differ from the charming traditional architecture typical of the area. The facade shines in white, but is only refreshed and not changed, as it should be according to the law. The changes are clearly visible inside. There is hardly any trace of the Albau, only the high ceilings and the authentic wooden beams perhaps reveal a little about the actual age of the house.

Family and work under one roof – architecture office in one half of the house …

Family and work-house-architecture-office-office-white-modern

In the architecture office, all partition walls have been completely abolished. Their supporting function is taken over by massive wooden beams, some of which have been retained in an authentic manner from the old building and which have also been supplemented with new ones for optimum stability. The result is a generous communal work space on a total of three levels and a fourth for the private workplace of the architecture office manager. Everything shines in white from top to bottom. The equipment is reduced to the essentials.

Family and work-home-office-minimalist-white

The private house area is also designed very simply, but exudes cosiness and tranquility. This effect is conveyed by the minimalist furnishings made of natural materials such as wood and natural stone. The rooms are spacious, open and very bright, which makes them look very positive despite the straight lines. The kitchen is open and lies between the living room and the dining area. This borders the back garden and is only separated from it by a large glass wall.

Family and work-home-office-white-wood-wood beams




Family and work under one roof – … and a family house in the other half of the house



family-occupation-house-interior-schlciht-minimalist-natural stone-wood



family-profession-house-interior-natural stone-fireplace-minimalist


family-profession-house - hall-indirect-lighting-bright

family-profession-house-office-sloping-roof-natural stone-wood

family-profession-house - bathroom-shower-mosaic-black

family-profession-house-bathroom-wood-sloping roof





* a project by Openheim Architecture + Design