Facade design made of concrete with original motifs

facade design garage door gray cobblestone floor

Villa Inga is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. The modern design was developed and implemented by ARCHITEKTI ŠEBO LICHÝ. Part of the is particularly effective Facade design, which is made of concrete. Effective motifs have been added to it, which loosen up the strict design and match the color of the driveway and garage with natural stone tiles. We would like to introduce you to other special features of the villa in this article.

Facade design made of concrete

facade design concrete-garage-driveway-modern

In contrast to most of the other houses, the terrace of this one was not designed on the south but on the north side. This is to avoid the hot sun in summer and to make the time on the terrace more pleasant. From the terrace, where the gray facade with original facade design is replaced by a white one, you enter the dining area, which is located directly next to the kitchen. This is modern and elegant in plain white. Stylish lamps are used for lighting.

Facade design with animal motifs

facade design villa-concrete-cat-motif-original-modern

On the other side of the dining area is the lounge of the living room. All three areas of the house with modern facade design are open and are located in one room. The living room furniture matches the color of the concrete facade and creates a contemporary flair. A large part of the rooms is made of wood. The material is mainly used for the floor and stairs.

Entrance area with motifs

Facade design entrance-door-wall design-original-plaster

The bathroom is just as modern. The furnishing of the villa with the motif facade design is simple and stylish. The wooden floor is combined with an oval, freestanding bathtub. There are also decorative plants and a patio door, which not only guarantees plenty of daylight in the bathroom, but also allows access to the terrace.

Balcony design

facade-design-balcony-furnishing-dining-area-bar-privacy protection

Since the house is raised with a facade design from motifs, one of the terraces is also on a higher level. This made it possible to design a hillside garden, which provides variety and naturalness in the otherwise simple garden. The rock garden designed in this way frames the steps that lead to the terrace effectively and guarantees a pleasant atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing.

Outdoor dining area


Modern living room lounge

facade-design-living room-lounge-sofa-gray-round-coffee table

Kitchen in white


Minimalistic design


Fireplace in gray


Bright hallway


White mosaic


Freestanding bath


Bauhaus style house

facade-design-raised-terrace-glass-balustrade-window front

Garden design


Rock garden on a slope

facade-design-slope-garden-rock-garden-stairs-ground cover

Original facade

facade-design-slovakia-design-architecture-minimalistic-ornamental bushes


facade-design-raised bed-fence-balcony-outdoor-garden

Staggered levels