Facade cladding made of stone and glass fronts for a wonderful view

Stone cladding of the garage entrance

In 2017, the architects from Ellivo Architects designed a spacious house in Brisbane, Australia, which impresses with its modern architecture and light-flooded interior. A facade cladding made of stone adorns the outer walls, or at least those that are not designed with glass fronts. With its modern facade made of different materials, this single-family home simply cannot go unnoticed.

Facade cladding made of stone in combination with glass fronts and wooden ceiling

facade cladding-stone-entrance-stairs-modern

The builders had very special requirements that their future home should meet. On the one hand, the house should be secured against a flood, on the other hand it should be designed with an open concept and plenty of daylight, but still protect the privacy of the residents.

On the street side, the house welcomes you with a stone facade cladding on one side and a glass front with black vertical slats on the other. An asymmetrical staircase leads to the entrance of the house and directly into the courtyard.

facade cladding-stone-glass-front-garden

The inner courtyard is surrounded by interiors with glass walls that offer a view of the interior. In this area there are still well-tended garden beds that are covered with small stones. In the middle there is a small fireplace that is perfect for pleasant moments outdoors.

facade cladding-stone-glass walls-inner courtyard

Interior design of the light-flooded rooms with wonderful views

glass fronts-view-river-wood-ceiling

The interior design of the house corresponds exactly to the requirements of the residents. The rooms are wide and designed with an open living concept. The daylight flows from the glass fronts and fills the rooms. In addition, the glass outer walls open up wonderful views of the river that runs next to it.

glass fronts-view-kitchen-living area

A highlight in the open living room is the kitchen, which is a successful mixture of white fronts, marble worktop and kitchen rear wall and wooden walls. Two pendant lights with a modern design hang above the kitchen island. In the basement there is a spacious garage specially designed for retro cars, motorcycles and vintage cars. The bedrooms are located in the other part of the house and ensure the privacy of the residents and their guests.



House and garden at night

facade cladding-stone-glass-fronts-modern-facade

A perfectly manicured garden with a large lawn is behind the house. A modern staircase with glass railings leads to this part of the house and is well lit at night. Beautiful terraces also offer great river views and ensure a pleasant time outdoors.

Facade cladding-stone-backyard-lawn-tread plates

Floor plan and architectural section of the house

floor plan house australia floors

architectural cut-house-australia-front-back

* a project by Ellivo Architects