Extraordinary house with a beautiful view of the Pyrenees

modern innovative spanish country house

Well, there is a house shrouded in light and a magnificent view! On a steep slope overlooking the Spanish Pyrenees, this one is extraordinary House with a beautiful view by architect Cadaval & Sola-Morales designed. Your studio works like a laboratory. It was founded in New York City in 2003 and the two moved to Barcelona & Mexico City in 2005. Your goal is to create intelligent design solutions on many different scales, from large projects to smaller buildings.

House with a beautiful view of the Pyrenees

innovative Spanish country house

Here is a great example of their work – a House with a beautiful view. Vernacular architecture combines methods of construction that use locally available resources and traditions to take advantage of local needs and conditions. The project respected by the construction and operational logic and its aesthetics.

Modern Spanish country house

modern spanish country house - glass facade

The facade is a combination of traditional “dry stone walls”, the structure is made of stones with no mortar to bind them together. The project includes two buildings whose physical connections coexist in a single envelope. Preserving the envelope reinforces the historical values ​​of folk architecture.

A Spanish country house with a minimalist interior

minimalist Spanish country house - living area

In contrast, an enormous window was built in. On the one hand, it creates a connection between the traditional and the modern, and on the other hand, the breathtaking surroundings really come into their own. The project is also designed to be sustainable. The interior is minimalist and simple, but very stylish. That House with a beautiful view offers a sheltered and cozy atmosphere, and still manages to appear open.

minimalist Spanish country house - living room

minimalist country house dining room

Spanish country house - minimalist dining room

Spanish country house - minimalist kitchen

minimalist interior design - colored living room

House with a beautiful view in Spain

minimalist Spanish country house roof