Exotic Luxury Villa – Tantangan by Word of Mouth


Word of Mouth is a design and architecture firm that was founded on the beautiful island of Bali. One of the studio’s latest projects is landscape architecture. This term represents the interaction between a spectacular landscape, like the island of Bali, and a exotic luxury villa. The surroundings of the building are great and the job that Word of Mouth architects and designers have completed is to create amazing architecture that will fit in with the natural setting. Villa Tantangan is a masterpiece in the world of modern architecture with its original conception and imposing presence. It is one exotic luxury villa with a beautiful exterior design and a great interior architecture.

Environment and exotic luxury Villa Tantangan in harmony


The story behind creating this Luxury villa is closely related to the history of Word of Mouth Studio. They wanted to show the latest impressive trends. The concept behind the exotic luxury villa Tantangan follow these trends – they introduce the eco-friendly lifestyle, combined with the magnificent architecture that could only be placed in such a beautiful location as Bali.

Landscape and exotic villa Tantangan from Word of Mouth


the exotic luxury villa Tantangan Word of Mouth is made by assembling huge flower boxes into one unit that is placed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a natural river system, a famous local beach in Bali and several volcanoes. In addition, the exotic luxury villa built using the latest innovations and technologies that cause less damage to the environment.

Tantangan Villa in Bali – Swimming pool at night


The interior design inside Villa Tantangan also correspond to the exotic landscape and the magnificent facade. The wooden furniture is light, comfortable and modest. The bohemian style of the furniture is continued in the arrangement of the decors – delightful curtains, bamboo umbrellas and some fabulous lighting ideas around the huge swimming pool that is in this ingenious Luxury villa is located.


colorful mosaic in the bathroom

colorful mosaic bathroom

exotic bedroom design – Tantangan House in Bali


modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design

exotic living room design – brown and blue


Luxury interior in Villa Tantangan


exotic bathroom design

exotic bathroom design

colorful wall mosaic in house Tantangan


Natural stone wall in bathroom – villa in Bali

natural stone wall-bathroom-villa-bali

Villa Tantangan by Word of Mouth – Construction plan