Exotic holiday home with pool promotes a lifestyle close to nature

exotic vacation home brazilian jungle view pool terrace

We present you one exotic holiday home with a large pool and a fantastic view of the unspoilt surroundings. The AMB house is located on the picturesque coast in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the middle of the forest, on a slope, the house is well hidden from the eyes of the neighbors and passers-by. This extremely favorable location promotes a lifestyle close to nature and

Exotic holiday home with pool and convenient location

exotic cottage interior furniture design blue white kitchen

Thanks to the favorable location – on the slope there is a wonderful view that is for a exotic holiday home is almost taken for granted. The house extends to 1,310 square meters of total area and 810 square meters of floor space. The architects from Jacobsen Architecture decided to change the traditional room distribution. So the bedrooms are downstairs, and the spacious living area – upstairs. In this way, the tall trees protect the private area. The house entrance leads the guests into the sleeping area. The bedroom, connected to the pool by a sliding glass door, overlooks the forest. The minimalist furnishings are limited to a large double bed – you actually need more for relaxation.

Exotic holiday home with a homely interior

minimalist style wooden facade glass door balcony

The living room and dining room are located in the living area on the second floor. An outdoor kitchen offers everything you need to cook. The interior is very comfortable and practical. The wood is the connecting element in the living area. Large painting on the wall sets accents in the interior. Comfortable upholstered furniture in white and blue offer enough seats for all guests. Large balcony with glass railing offers the opportunity to relax outdoors. It is a exotic holiday home, that reveals the beauty of the Brazilian forest.

The living area on the second floor

Idea exotic blue upholstered armchair seating group white coffee table wood

House entrance – minimalist architecture in Brazil

Pergola garden plants modern architecture

House blueprint – the terrain made the architects’ work difficult

Building sketch location slope Brazil forest

Building sketch of the holiday home with room distribution

Sketch first floor bedroom bathroom pool

The bedroom is on the ground floor and the living area is on the second floor

Spatial distribution terrain Brazilian forest

House on a slope – building sketch – side view

View front ground floor second floor

Exotic holiday home with pool – blueprint

Cottage blueprint view above space distribution

House blueprint – side view

Vacation home blueprint floor plan side view