Exotic bar furnishing idea from Vietnam

modern-bar-interior-idea-Vietnam Photos: © Phan Quang

An exotic one Bar interior idea from Vietnam impresses with a clever combination of interesting design and good lighting. Dream with us and go on a virtual journey through this interesting construction! The Nw Bar is located on a lake, in close proximity to a cafe with the same name – wNW Cafe. In order to achieve a certain contrast to the interior of the cafe, the bar was constructed as a cozy, closed building. Through the modern Bar interior idea You can not only comfortably enjoy drinks there in the evening, but you can also organize concerts, various shows and even family celebrations there.

Modern bar furnishing idea – unique construction

exclusive bar furniture bamboo Photos: © Phan Quang

A bamboo structure was chosen for the interior – this interesting one Bar interior idea creates a unique atmosphere. The building extends to a height of 10 meters and is 15 meters in diameter, which offers enough space for all guests. The large frame is made from 48 prefabricated units. Each unit consists of several individual elements made of bamboo. The building uses the environmentally friendly energy source – the wind and the cool water from the lake to create natural “air conditioning”. A hole with a diameter of 1.5m was left on the roof for the hot air.

Modern bar furnishing idea and great lighting

modern bar interior idea lighting Photos: © Phan Quang

As a new architectural construction, the new building of the bar adds to the old cafe house and the two are linked by many similarities in construction. They have become a peculiar trademark of the urbanized area. These  Bar interior idea by Vo Trong Nghia Architects shows similarities not only to the modernist, but also to the traditional architecture from the area. It is undoubtedly an exotic interior design, and it still can’t help but really feel at home. The bar has become so popular that you can even hold conferences there. The two buildings were built using only natural materials and are in harmony with the green vegetation around them. It’s an excellent example of how with a bit of imagination and creativity you can come up with an environmentally friendly project.

Wooden furniture in the interior

exotic bamboo stairs Photos: © Phan Quang

Bamboo construction bar furnishing idea

modern bar lake bamboo Photos: © Phan Quang

Bar furnishing idea – bamboo as a building material

elegant-wood-bar-build Photos: © Phan Quang

Bar construction made of prefabricated parts

Bar precast construction blueprint