Examples of sustainable architecture – modern passive houses

Eco house roof garden building green architecture

Environmental protection will become more and more important in architecture. Sustainability is not just trendy these days, it has become indispensable in people’s lives. For reasons of philosophy of life and ethics, the society asks the new generation of architects the following question: How can you save the planet and build a green future? We present you with some notable ones modern passive houses, which, thanks to the latest innovative technologies, achieve zero energy consumption.

Modern passive houses – sustainable means attractive

Passive house modern design Portreath green modern architecture

The architects fight against waste of energy, which is why they are committed to sustainable building and promise green future architecture. Isn’t that everyone’s dream – to live in a modern eco house with a healthy indoor climate. It is high time to take environmentally friendly measures. Modern passive houses from all over the world show how trends and environmental awareness can go hand in hand.

Modern passive houses – not only energy efficient, but also striking

East Sussex England Energy Efficient House Design

Located in East Sussex, Great Britain, this energy-efficient home has a huge lawn, a motion-sensitive lighting system and an innovative system for heating and cooling with rainwater. It is perhaps one of the best eco homes in England. The Cornwall house in Portreath is not only interesting but also extremely energy efficient – it uses 44% less energy than normal houses. Modern passive houses like this one often have an open architecture plan. The extravagant house in Cambridgeshire, Mines Park, has a futuristic facade. It is still just a project for a passive house with a meadow and a total area of ​​12,400 square meters.

House with exclusive architecture and modern interior design

Eco house sustainable architecture Bulgaria Ignatov Kawarna

This ultra-modern Equinox house won the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects’ Grand Prize for Green Architecture. It overlooks the beautiful golf course and offers picturesque views over the Black Sea. Built on a slope, that modern passive house is completely in harmony with nature.

Hampshire, Winchester – ultra-modern passive house

Passive House architecture-sustainable building Hampshire

Building an eco house – trend

Build a modern energy efficient house

Zero energy house with roof garden

Environmental friendliness house building green architecture

Energy efficient house in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire House Courtyard Garden Environmentally Friendly Build

Eco house – comfort through energy efficiency

Energy-saving house architect house wood facade

Passive House in Huddlesfield

Huddlesfield Passive House Build environmentally friendly

Architecture of the future – environmentally friendly

Eco house design wood sustainable green architecture

Energy efficient house in North London

North London energy-plus house build a passive house

Saving energy – the goal of modern architecture

Build passive houses in an eco-friendly way

Sustainable architecture in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge Passive House zero energy house sustainable architecture