Euro pallets in architecture – notable opera house in Quebec City

Opera Quebec architecture pallets

The Opera House in Quebec City, Canada is not a conventional building. It has a large stage with elaborate theater machines, an orchestra pit and a spacious auditorium, the construction, the ceiling and wall elements only Euro pallets have been built. The beauty and functionality of the pallets was finally put back in the limelight.

An amazing opera house built only from euro pallets

L Opera Palette-Quebec City

Euro pallets, which are used as goods carriers in transport and are often burned afterwards are a trend in architecture and will always play a major role in combination with other materials. The innovative building material inspired the Jacques Plante and Pascale Pierre team to build the Quebec Opera House. In July 2011 it was constructed for the annual Quebec International Opera Festival in the courtyard of the Conservatory. Technically perfect solutions for sound, light and acoustics are offered here. The creative architects focus on design strategies, ecology, sustainability and recycling.

A great building made of Euro pallets in Canada – L’Opera range

Opera House Quebec wood pallet interior design

Euro pallets are practical and allow multiple design options. Any areas and volumes can be realized with it. The contemporary opera house in Quebec City – L’Opera Palette – is sustainable and offers an airy auditorium. In addition, the public building is waterproof thanks to special membranes and can be used for various events.

Photos by Alexandre Guerin

Wooden pallets – structural component of an opera house

Quebec Opera House Interior Design Wood Pallet Building Material

The Euro pallet – from waste product to building material

Quebec Canada Modern Construction Art Architecture

Support structure made from Euro pallets – innovative architecture 

Opera house Euro pallet construction ideas

Wooden pallets as building material – a resource-saving construction method

Opera House Canada Quebek Interior Design Euro Palette

Sustainable architecture – modern pallet opera house in Canada

Modern architecture wood interior design euro pallets

L’Opera Palette, Quebec City – wood in architecture 

Euro pallet design interior design

Ideas for modern scenography with wooden pallets

Stage design wooden pallets

After all, the Euro pallet is used in architecture

Opera House Canada - wooden pallets

Building sustainably – contemporary building constructed from Euro pallets

Modern Euro pallet architecture

The Wood Pallet Stage – Opera House in Quebec City, Canada

Stage scenography euro pallets

euro pallet furniture ideas