Escape into the forest – minimalist forest house By CORREIA / RAGAZZI Arquitectos from Portugal

minimalist forest house slope-modern-forest-design

This house, located in the glamorous natural setting of Cavado River, is an intelligent reconstruction of an existing ruined building using the minimalist architectural style. Stark modern in contrast to the forest and river that surround the house, it is a sure example of an extremely minimalist forest house design.

minimalist forest house – side view

minimalist forest house window front-concrete-facade-terrace-wood

In many ways, the exterior design of the house is not particularly noticeable – completely unadorned and shaped like an elongated box. The size and structure of the house were limited by the scheme of the existing destroyed building and strict building regulations. The most dramatic aspect of this building is the cantilever construction. This enables the upper storey to remain ’weightless’ over the steep river.

minimalist architectural style of the forest house

minimalist forest house -balkon-Felsvorsprung-house-building-modern

The simplicity of the minimalist architectural style helped the architect to unite the architecture with the surroundings. The humble form of this weekend retreat seems secondary to the magic of nature. In order not to overly dominate this protected place of natural beauty, the house has been cleverly built. The only pretty important aspect of this minimalist house design is the exposed floor. The architects commented:

“Since the first visit to the site, it was clear to us that we had to deal with a very demanding project. When setting up the project, it was also essential that the surrounding area was the most important basis for the construction.

Distant view of the minimalist forest house


The minimalist architectural style was chosen for this project as the main object for this project was made clear. The goal was to provide a wonderful location and a comfortable escape from the city for families who want to experience and enjoy nature more closely. Because of their favorite water sports, the family wanted easy access to the river.

Breathtaking view from the house


The architects understood quite well the importance of the intention to bring outside views into the house. That is why it is built as a viewing platform or a bridge between the residents and the spectacular panorama outside. That minimalist house design in this case it becomes a pipe to enjoy nature. The exterior design of the house therefore comes second behind this important role.

Impression of weightlessness from the minimalist forest house




minimalist-waldhaus-concrete-look-wall-design-kitchen-stainless steel






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