Energy-efficient new buildings bring multiple savings

Energy-efficient new build promotion programs

Those who build today are building energy-efficiently. At least it should, as the construction costs will be recovered in the long term. Not least, the environment benefits from this, and in order to promote this point, institutes such as KfW are continuing to improve their framework conditions. In the following, you can find out which are the funding options for energy-efficient new buildings.

Energy-efficient new buildings: KfW program as a leitmotif

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Incidentally, an energy-efficient new building is not only good for the low fixed costs and a positive one Real estate valuation from consulting companies such as paid, but already during the financing. Efficient construction projects are supported by KfW: There are up to 50,000 euros per residential unit, with an effective interest rate of only 0.75 percent. Other modalities such as an optional repayment subsidy and the ability to be combined with other funding programs explain the popularity of the KfW program, but certain criteria must be met in order to receive it ?? new windows and better insulation say hello. The so-called KfW efficiency house is in three stages subdivided: KfW standard 40, 55 and 70, whereby a smaller number means the higher the efficiency and is thus rewarded even more.

New legal framework for energy-efficient new buildings

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And that’s not all: In order to accelerate the development of efficient real estate in Germany, the framework conditions will be changed on April 1, 2016. The maximum amount increases from 50,000 to 100,000 euros, long credit periods are fixed with a 20-year interest rate and the class 40 Plus is included in the program as a new standard. For this, however, the 70s classification does not apply, and that is also to be understood as a clear sign. Because given the major energy goals, the 70s standard is no longer good enough; consequently, it should no longer be subsidized and is therefore giving way to even more efficient buildings.

Possible today: Live energy-efficiently and do without anything


Apart from the many financial advantages, it is also about appearance and ambience. Fortunately, efficient living usually also means perfect living. There are plenty of examples of this: glass houses with wooden walls, angular masterpieces made of natural stone, Far Eastern styles or beach house design are all possible within the framework of energy-efficient construction. Aesthetes do not need to fear compromises and this aspect may be decisive for the advantage of KfW houses and similar residential properties. Thanks to the improved technology, any material can be brought into the desired shape, even really unusual luxury variants such as the medieval fortress with infinity pool are no longer excluded.

Conclusion: house builders are looking into a golden future. Credit institutions such as KfW make the efficient new building affordable, the construction companies ensure the desired implementation.