“Do it yourself” house design

chic house - wooden facade

This sleek, open and invitingly cozy House by Michael Parks is a true lesson in modern architecture. He creates innovative design and his design solutions lead to residential and commercial spaces that improve the lifestyle. It is interesting that the designer / owner of this house did not have any architectural training but managed this project nonetheless. He wanted to build a beautiful DIY house with warm, modern architecture that is art but also lives comfortably.

Cozy house design – inviting modern architecture

innovative modern architecture - front

The house has floor-to-ceiling glass walls that are a perfect complement to the surrounding natural views. The interiors are designed to be cool and pleasant. The interior also features similar to the exterior style, clean lines and a similar color combination of hardwood floors, white walls and ceilings.

Elegant interior in a modern home

modern architecture - cozy sitting area

Sustainable materials including the wood and metal cladding, recycled concrete and slate were used throughout. The angular shapes in the interior are underlined by the angular shape of the terraces. The cozy outdoor areas are inviting. The whole House has its own personality – the architect has a story for every square meter of living space.

modern architecture - elegant kitchen

cozy house -luxurious-bedroom

Exciting modern architecture - interesting garden decoration

modern architecture - angular facade