Designing a house entrance – a single-family house with a modular wooden front door

building entrance design lighting curtain wall facade natural stone exposed concrete

A modern single-family home with a concept that has been thought out down to the smallest detail – this is how the Tetris House can be described. The flat roof city villa not only scores with a reduced design, but also attracts attention with the curtain wall. Natural stone, concrete and glass are skillfully combined, and the end result is impressive. The absolute highlight, however, is the 4-meter-high modular wooden front door that welcomes guests. This is how a spacious, minimalist entrance can be designed – join us on a virtual tour and we will show you purist perfection!

Design the house entrance – the front door adds a natural touch to the minimalist facade

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Located in the big city of Suwa in Kuwait, the Tetris House is located in a densely populated area where the city villas are close to each other. A minimalist single-family house was built on the 500 square meter property, with its long side facing the street. Accordingly, a privacy screen was planned according to the specifications of the homeowner, which should shield their private area. The architects decided on a curtain wall. It consists of three prefabricated details that were installed on the facade on site. Two of the components house the system for vertical, the third – for horizontal controlled living space ventilation.

building entrance design natural stone panels cladding facade modern planted

At the same time, the natural stone elements are a real eye-catcher and visually enhance the building. The six pillars provide the desired privacy screen and at the same time allow sunlight into the interior. Climbing plants loosen the strict minimalist look of the curtain wall. Right in front of it, the architects designed a covered parking lot for several cars.

Closed to the street, the house opens to the side of the garden – the generously glazed ground floor becomes a sun-flooded and at the same time private island of tranquility. A concrete wall also shields the side of the family house.

Design a house entrance – the modular front door is a real eye-catcher

building entrance design double door wood metal handle bar

The wooden front door is a real highlight – it is made up of two separate modules. On the right there is a 4 meter high door – this is where the guests are received. On the left there is another front door with a standard height that is used every day. It is also wider and more practical – for example, the furniture does not have to be dismantled and reassembled. Even a large living area fits through the front door.

building entrance design front door modular wood modern

The two doors have stainless steel handle bars on the inside and are clad in wood. The attractive grain and the reddish-brown shade create an exciting contrast to the concrete facade in gray. A tall flower pot with native perennials gives the house entrance an extra kick.

Design the house entrance – water features and a minimalist winter garden in the hallway

building entrance design hallway water features indoor plants

The minimalist concept is continued in the hallway. The simple walls, the floor laid with natural stone tiles and the suspended ceiling form the perfect background for the imaginative decoration with white river stones. The built-in lighting subtly lets certain corners come to the fore. The absolute highlight is the small garden, laid out according to the oriental design principles, with a tree and a small garden pond.

Design a house entrance – suspended ceiling with built-in lights in the hallway

building entrance design suspended deckke recessed lighting bench wood

When the guests enter the house for the first time, they are welcomed in a spacious hall area with a 4-meter-high ceiling. Narrow windows let the sunlight into the hallway. The controlled living room ventilation and the cables for the lighting are hidden behind the suspended ceiling. Despite the large area, the furnishings were sparing – a futuristic wooden table offers a support surface for handbags, keys and the like.

building entrance shape wood long table dining area modern window carpet

The hallway leads to a narrow but very long living area. It is divided into several areas – a dining area for up to eight people, a living room with comfortable leather furniture and a kitchen. A large glass wall separates the living area from the hall.

Design a house entrance – a partition made of glass

building entrance design room divider wood glass

The color scheme is deliberately kept simple – sand color, together with antique white and cream make the rooms appear more spacious and brighter. Accents are set primarily with natural materials such as granite and wenge, which create exciting contrasts and bring variety to the interior.

The talented architects at Massive Order were faced with the challenge of designing a private city villa, shielded from strangers, on a very open plot of land in the middle of a densely populated area. With a lot of creativity and a great feeling, they have managed to design and build a cozy, functional and at the same time stylish house. The curtain wall, which on the one hand provides the desired privacy screen, and on the other hand spices up the simple design and the modular wooden front door automatically attracts attention. The bright, puristic hallway with a glass wall welcomes guests in style. The extremely luxurious and elegant furnishings meet the highest standards of comfort. It is a small oasis in the middle of the big city where the family can relax.

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Design your entrance facade cladding made easy

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